IE Fight Night: Endeavor results

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Team Victory

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IE Fight Night: Endeavor

January 20, 2019

A night full of anticipation from the youth fight to the adult show. When you walk into the CEPAC center in Ontario, CA first thing you notice walking into an IE Fight Night event is that every fan is talking, engaging with each other and fans taking photos. David Bramlette, Lorenz Larkin are the two guys behind the IE Fight Night Brand with Endeavor officially in the books. That said, new champions crowned Victory MMA claiming two titles Justine Ronas ( 115 I.E. Fight Night Belt) and Sarek Shields (185 I.E. Fight Night Belt) not to be out done Millennia MMA took home belt #2 with David Zelner bringing the IE Fight 155 title back to the gym joining already crowned Christopher Hernandez who is the current 145 champ.

To bring everyone up to speed, the event started early in the afternoon as IE Fight night is always a double hitter with Youth leading the way. Pankration MMA doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves and in our eyes this is where the grass roots start for mma. The more that Shaun and I (Tristen) continue to grow in this fight game the more we see the growth of MMA with these kids. Its incredible. We had Jon Frank of USFL with us all day during the youth fights giving us his insight on the young kids coming up through the ranks. We got a see some new teams, new fighters from Lion Heart MMA, Cobra Fight team and One Legacy. One thing I enjoy about the youth fights is the respect that the kids have for each other, the sportsman ship from the coaches is a nice sight to see.
Some youth fighters that stood out the most as I can’t list every fight, but honorable mentions will be handed out. One goes to a young lady that we had the privilege to meet before her fight which was from RIVERSIDE SUBMISSION Analyse “Pocahontas” who got a submission victory. Joseph Bowers from Chandler MMA claiming the Youth IE FIGHT NIGHT 130. Loren Skannal first time in his young fighting career fought as the bigger fighter which was a change for him but was able to score the victory. A Fight that had people talking was Brian Gonzalez vs Jeremy Dray and Kris Arrey making a special appearance inside the cage as he claimed a victory.

As the youth ended, it was time to get ready for the main attraction which was the Adult MMA. IE Fight Night Endeavor brought to you by David Bramlette and Lorenz Larkin. As the fans start to be let in, the VIPS are lead to their tables cage side, the energy is starting to fill the room as family, friends, fans start to settle in you hear them talking about what fight they are interested in, asking about certain fighters to watch out for tonight. Crowd was loud and active from the beginning. We saw something different as IE Fight Night brought fighters to the back for one on one interviews, this brought a unique dynamic to the crowd in the building.

4 champions were crowed: Women’s Strawweight (Victory, Justine Ronas) Men’s Batamweight (Evolution MMA, Miguel Gil) Men’s Middleweight (Victory, Sarek Shields) Men’s Welterweight (Millenia MMA, David Zelner)

In this amateur fight scene, you see a lot of fighters pull out last minute scared to fight or whatever the reason is, however at IE Fight Night the fighters that had a fighter pull out stayed ready, weighed in, turned in their medicals because you just never know. Well it was no exception at what I like to call the 12 o’clock hour two kids sitting in the back already weighed in, checked every box talked to each other in the back as they sat in the back-watching fighters walk to the cage to compete. Those two fighters that were talking was Josh Seeberger/Sergio Romero both kids making their debut however it didn’t go Sergio’s way as Josh Seeberger had one of the best debuts you could ask for. 19 seconds, 19! Is all Josh needed to send shock waves through the arena to give Threshold MMA the win (KOTN). We also had the submission of the night that went to Team Quest out of Temecula California Jon Brumley aka the albino Giraffe who took the neck of his opponent Jasper Sandoval in a standing guillotine where he looked like a man possessed who was sticking his tongue out, like as if he was enjoying the moment as his opponents body was going lifeless in his hands as he drops his opponent to the mat.

Then we finally head to the co-main event of the evening that saw Team Quest Caden White vs Miguel Gil. Let me paint a picture here for everyone Caden White roughly 5’9 vs Miguel Gil who maybe 5’0 or so. Coming into this fight even though Caden White was prepared for the fight knowing that he was fighting a much smaller fighter meant that Caden had to adjust his game plan on the fly, however Miguel had a different idea as we saw him last fight against Christopher Hernandez saw Caden as a similar fighter. Gil took this test used his wrestling to close the distance, grind out a win getting the IE Fight Night Bantamweight title.

The main event of the evening saw Sarek Shields take on a gamed opponent in Mitch Hauser for the middle weight title to wrap up an incredible night of fights. Sarek Shields aka Baby Brock or the Bisserker it doesn’t matter. Sarek seems to have the raw strength that you just don’t see to often in the amateur circuit let alone being able to go into Jitsu tournaments get gold medals and now adds a world title to his resume. One of the highlight’s in this fight was when sarek rushed mitch, bounced him off the cage door cutting mitch’s head open, turns it into a wwe move (Belly to Belly Suplex). Sarek was able to finish off Mitch Hauser with ground and pound finish.

April 20th IE Fight Night at the California Education and Performing Arts Center will be home for the next event. IE Fight Night brings you MELLE. Are you a fighter? Are you a coach? Looking for something different get at Larkin and Bramlette for this card.

Honorable mentions:
Joey Beatriz returns from a broken left head, moves to 3-0 (Title Shot possibility on the horizon?)
Super Mario Torres finishes Baby Creed Jayson Sanders
Brandon Dwyer camo debut wins via Ref stoppage
Josh Seeberger 19 Second KO DEBUT!
Jon Brumley standing guillotine choke!

Dana Hernandez vs Justine Ronas (Winner: Ronas by UD #ANDNEW IE FIGHT NIGHT STRAWWEIGHT CHAMP!)
Miguel Gil vs Caden White (Winner:Gil by UD #ANDNEW IE FIGHT NIGHT BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMP!)
Sarek Shields vs Mitch Hauser (Winner: Shields by TKO #ANDNEW IE FIGHTNIGHT MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMP!)
David Zelner vs Bryan Shell (Winner: Zelner by UD 30-27 #ANDNEW IE FIGHT NIGHT WELTERWEIGHT CHAMP!)
Rupert Francis vs Joey Beatriz (Winner: Beatriz by UD)
Jayson Sanders vs Mario Torres (Winner: Torres by UD)
Jared Valdez vs Geoffrey Gillman (Winner: Valdez by Arm Bar, 1st RD)
Brandon Dwyer vs Robert Banzzini (Winner: Dwyer by REF STOPPAGE, 1st RD)
Robert Hernandez vs Jesse Larionoff (Winner: Hernandez by SD 29-28)
Jasper Sandoval vs Jon Brumley (Winner: Brumley by Standing front guillotine, .44seconds)
Adryen Spinks vs Kevin Gonzalez (Winner: Spinks by UD)
Gilbert Lira vs Nick Appello (Winner: Appello by UD)
Kevin Robinson vs Jason Allen (Winner: Allen by Submission)
Josh Seeberger vs Sergio Romero (Winner: Seeberger by KOm .19 Seconds 1st RD)

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