IE Fight Night: Conflict (Full Results)

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I.E Fight Night: Conflict


Saturday, 7.20.19

IE Fight Night: Conflict went down this pass saturday where you got to see some of the toughest, up and coming amateur mma talent from San Diego to the Inland Empire. One fighter had the opportunity to make history for IE Fight Night coming from San Diego’s own Victory gym with coach Tony Palafox this guy’s name is Sarek Shields who is the current IE Fight Night middleweight champ wanted to test himself so he dropped down in weight to take on IE Fight Night’s Welterweight champion Alexander Cruz who also never backs down from a fight was a gamed opponent. Sarek Shields was able to capture the victory becoming the IE Fight Night’s first “DOUBLE CHAMPION” for the promotion.

This show also saw a new Light heavy weight champion crowned which was the “Pale Panda” Riley Miller, Miguel Gil able to retain his bantam weight title from a tough fighter in Brandon Dwyer that went all three rounds that had the judges score that fight 30-27 x2 and 29-28. David Zelner landed in over hand right that staggered his opponent where he was able to finish off a tough ranked fighter in Yenok Kopushyan.

We got to see two heavyweights throw down inside the cage as IE Fight Night prepares to crown their first IE Fight Night Heavy Weight Champion! Which was Andres Meza vs Robert Torres to find a #1 contender and Originally scheduled to fight on this card was James Dodd to see who were the two baddest heavy weights to face off on the September card. Due to James Dodd’s opponent pulling out of the fight he will advance to face off against Andres Meza for the Inarguable Heavy weight title.

Honorable mentions:

Tyrik Woods (UD Win over Daniel Garcia) ——BEST CELEBRATION TWERK!

Alberto Ruiz (TKO Stoppage over Kevin Robinson)

Matteo Colazingari (1st RD Armbar victory over Trevor Johnson)



Fortino Mendez vs Robert Banzzini (Mendez via TKO 1st RD)

Christian Zahler vs Khalil Howard (Howard via UD 30-27)

Matteo Colazingari vs Trevor Johnson (Colazingari via Armbar 1st RD)

Kevin Robinson vs Alberto Ruiz (Ruiz via TKO 1st RD)


Daniel Garcia vs Tyrik Woods (Woods via UD 30-27)

Riley Miller vs Dillon Menrad (#ANDNEW LHW CHAMP RILEY MILLER vis Arm Bar 1st RD)

Andres Meza vs Robert Torres (#1 CONTENDER HW DIVISION MEZA via UD 30-27)

Sarek Shields vs Alexander Cruz (#ANDNEW Welterweight Champ Shields via RNC 2nd RD)

Yenok Kopushyan vs David Zelner (#ANDSTILL Lightweight Champ Zelner via TKO 1st RD)


Grappling Fight: Dana Hernandez vs Danielle Walters (Walters winner)


Next fight card is 9/21/2019 Get at David Bramlette or Lorenz Larkin to get on this card. It will fill up quickly.



IE Fight Night Youth Conflict


Jesse Martinez vs Xavier Greer (Winner: Greer via UD)

Luke Rivas vs Juan Ramierz (Winner: Rivas via Arm Bar 2nd RD)

Anthony Vardumyan vs Gabriel Reyes (Winner: Vardumyan via RNC 1st RD)

Omar Rodriguez vs Calen Greer (Winner: Rodriguez via Arm Bar 1st RD)

Jesse Jimenez vs Mason Bramlette (Winner: Jimenez via UD)

Hayk Amirkhanyan vs Khalie Allen (Winner: Amirkhanyan via RNC 1st RD)

David Rosales vs Josh Pardo (Winner: Rosales via MD)

Santiago Santa Maria vs Poetry Jones (Winner: Jones via Triangle 1st RD)

Alexander Trujillo vs Tony Rossi (Winner: Trujillo via Triangle 1st RD)

Josh Pardo vs Colonel Mitchel (Winner: Pardo via Americana 1st RD)

Alejandro Hidalgo vs Elijah Nehme (Winner: Nehme via RNC 1st RD)

Daniel Kaishchyan vs Elisah Weatherford (Winner: Weatherford via Illegal Strike)

Adelina Rialmo vs Aiyanah Mitchel (Winner: Mitchel via Armbar 1st RD)

Ruben Vergova vs Marcelinho Reid (Winner: Reid via RNC 1st RD)

Grappling Matches:

Kailyn Santa Maria vs Ayana Contreas (Winner: Santa Maria via Head & Arm Triangle)

Joey Bramer vs Ethan Diaz (Winner: Diaz via Arm Bar)

K.J. Hatcher vs Kris Arrey (Winner: Arrey via Armbar)

Andrew Martinez vs Ayana Contreas (Winner: Contreas via Straight leg lock)

Celeste Sanchez vs Aiyanah Mitchel (Winner: Sanchez via Arm Bar)

Jeremy Dray vs Edgar Amirkanyan (Winner: Dray via straight leg/knee bar)