IE Fight Night: Aggression

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IE Fight Night: Aggression


February 24,2018 at California Performing Arts Center, IE Fight night was brought to you by co promoters Bellator Fighter Lorenz Larkin and David Bramellet.

We started the evening out with a scary match that pitted Daniel Park vs Stuart Kosh to open the night of combat fights in Ontario, CA. This fight started with a touch of gloves and just as quickly that happened the fight was over leaving everyone in the arena, commentators, ring side and the ref speechless, motionless not sure what we all just saw in the cage. Kosh was cracked with a right hand that immediately left him unconscious, Park jumped him landing another 4 unanswered punches at the time the ref thought for a second that Kosh might have been pulling guard only to realize that was not the case. Kosh remained out for 60 seconds, everyone in the building would think it was longer than that. The doctors rushed in the cage, trying to get kosh to breathe, getting him placed on the backboard to leave the arena in an ambulance.

The next match up that would start to set the tone for the evening was the fight between Jarmoir Kaspar vs Jason Carter-Edwards where this fight ended in 1 min: 53 Seconds of the first round so now we have had two fights in 2 mins! Craziest start to a card that was filled with battles ending early or going to the distance it didn’t matter, every Amateur fighter that stepped into the cage whether it was a debut fighter or not they had one thing on their mind which was to impress the promoters and the fans.

The main event Larry Sosa vs Danny Silva was nothing short of fight of the night, maybe Fight of the year for amateurs. This fight resembled that of Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar during the original TUF series that put it on the map or Aurto Gatti vs Mickie Ward classics. Watch for these two-next times.

IE fight Night will bring its fourth show to the city of Ontario, CA May 12th titled “Showdown”


Daniel Park vs Stuart Kosh (Winner: Park via TKO, .07 seconds, 1 RD)

Jason Carter-Edwards vs Jarmoir Kaspar (Winner: Kaspar via TKO, 1:53, 1 RD)

Michael Krause vs Tyler Lilly (Winner: Lilly, via UD)

Obi Ukoha vs Seth Davis (Winner: Davis, via SD)

Christopher Hernandez vs Levi Trickett (Winner: Hernandez, via SUB, 1 RD)

Alexander Cruz vs Colin Sheehy (Winner: Cruz, via UD)

Bryan Hales vs Adiyden Spinks (Winner: Spinks, via Sub, .53Seconds, 1 RD)

Ricardo Arellano vs Sergio Lopez Jr (Winner: Arellano, via SUB, 1 RD)

Kevin Gonzalez vs Antonio Gonzalez (Winner: A.Gonzalez, via SUB, 1 RD)

Larry Sosa vs Danny Silva (Winner: Silva, via TKO, 3 RD)


I.E. Live TV with the Stream below from IE Fight Night

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