IE FIGHT NIGHT ENGAGE: What went down!

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IE Fight Night: Engage



As we count down the days to NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS. Saturday I.E. Fight Night put on their 4th show that brings you a two-part show that featured 29 youth pankration fights (USFL) and 9 Amateur fights from promoters David Bramlette, Lorenz Larkin.

This event was the first time The Sports Warriors called Pankration fights, we had two of the kids from the card on the show which was Jayden Murillo, Kris Arrey two of the most decorated youth fighters that are coming up through the ranks. What we have been saying from the beginning is that MMA fighters come from somewhere and this is where it all begins at the very bottom. This is what we call “GRASS ROOTS”.

Shout outs to Camo David Denkin’s crew, Jim Cooley on the mic all night, David Bramlette, Lorenz Larkin and Lyle Murduc.

I’d talk more about the youth kids but, there was so many fights just know that you can catch the action righit here. Watch some of the videos.

Then we moved onto the main attraction of the evening which was IE Fight Night Engage Adult Amateur MMA portion where we saw 9 mma fights with one instant classic that was headlined by ASH ALLEN vs EDGAR RAMOS! Every once an while you go to an amateur mma event you might get to see one of these “CLASSIC BATTLES” sometimes though you don’t get to see a lot of these type of fights at the amateur level so when you do it is something that everyone should hold close to their vest because this could transform these two athletes for the better. As we sat ring side calling this fight we instantly thought of wars like Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar or the Arturo Gatti vs Mickie Ward battles that made them instant classics.  These two athletes stood toe to toe throwing everything they had but the kitchen sick most of this fight was contested up against the cage, Ash Allen at one point probable threw close to 100 punches, Ramos didn’t blink even though he couldn’t back up Allen off him as if Allen had cinder blocks glued to his legs that results in the ramos inability to get him off. This is simply the fight of the night.

Also, on this card you had Threshold MMA Headquarters that is led by Bobby Sanchez. His fighter Freddie Colbert was making his debut as the main event on this card. First off if anyone has heard the name Freddie Colbert that’s good because he is the man behind “86ers clothing brand”. After being around the sport for years supporting mma fighters with his movement. We fast forward to this night where in 17 seconds Freddie’s life changed in a blink of an eye with a right hand. George Foreman’s nephew took the world by storm as the audience erupted in cheer that saw his coach Bobby Sanchez ran into the cage, pick up his guy at this point you could see the happiness come over Bobby Sanchez. Bobby Sanchez for years was a fighter but, sometimes the fight is in you, but the outcome is never what you thought it would be. However, a different path has called Bobby Sanchez which is that of a coach, a teacher, a father, a mentor to everyone. On this day these two were “ONE” everything they worked on the blood, the sweat and the tears showed up.  Freddie Colbert will continue to grow as a person and a fighter with Bobby Sanchez’s crew.

Other honorable mentions:

Mikey Reddemann who at one point wasn’t even going to fight due to medical issues with camo but was able to clear ever thing to get back on this fight card. Mikey didn’t even have a traditional fight camp, yet Mikey came in like a professional to face Salvador Rodriguez.

Elder Cruz bringing the entire city of La Habra with him showed off his wrestling skills that has earned him state titles put finishing touches on his victory with a kimura to Haik Chiknavoryan where he was able to bully and muscle through to get it. Elder is a raw fighter but, has so much upside that he is a fighter to “WATCH”.

Christopher Hernandez who went up in weight by 15 pounds to take on a bigger opponent in Chris Fluke. Hernandez last time we saw him was at IE Fight Night Showdown where he was able to put his opponent to sleep. Hernandez has all the tools to make fighters uncomfortable and with this win he will get a chance to claim the STATE TITLE! As he is now put into the tournament to get that title.

Michael Green aka SideSwipe didn’t have to worry about this fight going the distance as his fighter IQ showed up in the second round where he was able to finish his opponent off with a standing guillotine which was the second one of the evening that came after Elaina Pajimula finish of Danielle Walters.

Incredible night of fights, next event is October 20,2018 called “NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS” where IE Fight Night will have multiple titles on the line for the Woman and Male fighters. Get at David Bramlette or Lorenz Larkin



Salvador Rodriguez vs Michael Reddemann (Winner: Reddeman)

Haik Chiknavoryan vs Elder Cruz (Winner:Curz)

Danielle Walters vs Elaina Pajimula (Winner:Pajimula)

Christopher Hernandez vs Chirs Fluke (Winner:Hernandez)

Ash Allen vs Edgar Ramos (Winner:Allen)

Jasper Sandoval vs Michael Green (Winner:Green)

Obi Ukoha vs Yonatan Mendoza (Winner:Ukoha)

Mitch Hauser vs Roderick Antery (Winner:Hauser)

Freddie Colbert vs Efren Gonzalez (Winner:Colbert)



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