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Tru Form Entertainment: Aniquilar


By, The Sports Warriors October 25, 2015


Last night Tru Form Entertainment put on its 3rd show and every one of them continues to get better.  Tru Form Entertainment chose Oceanside, CA at the Junior Seau Amphitheater which was by far the best choice for TFE to do this time around coming back from Indiana. The crowd was into every fight all night long which is key to anyone’s continue growth and success of a company. When we spoke to Vern who is the man behind this moving machine he told us that he wants to take care of fighters, show them the respect that they deserve as fighters, which comes out in all the fights because the fighters go out of their way to put on a show.

Any start up promotion will have its up and downs but, it is the people around them that believe in the product that is being put on. We have spoken lengthy about the state of MMA with no real competition, we truly see the effort of every one that is part of TFE family that they could be something special. Right now you have UFC, Bellator that are holding down the top 2 spots. Titan FC, Invicta all signed deals with UFC to join fight pass taking them off tv. Now that leaves you WSOF (World Series of Fighting) who has had a rocky road since they have debuted. At this point the #3 spot is up for grabs for an organization that wants it. TFE can take over that spot with the way they are growing, the fighters will start coming in droves as other promotions aren’t able to get fighters fights, due to where they slot that leave a lot of fighters without a promotion to fight for. Bellator’s Ian Butler who lost two of his pro fights came to Tru Form for redemption however he didn’t get it but, just like Sean Loeffler to resurrect his career for one last big fight before he calls it a career or you will see Pro Debut from fighters that want to start making names for themselves. Why not do it in your backyard??

The Oceanside venue was a great idea. Should build off of this also, a TV deal should be in the near future. The mixture of AMMY (Amateur Fights) plus Pro is something that isn’t being done with any promotion. The continued success will be because of the mixture GRASS ROOTS!!!!! Is where you need to be? You can grow a promotion from within by investing in those kids because then the fans get brought into their success. There is no promotion out there besides bellator giving that access to the fans. Matching them up with pros is something special to see with these kids because they all train with PRO fighters so, when they see that their coach has a fight or is in the corner for them it makes them want to preform so they don’t let them down.

We saw 4 AMMY fights, 5 Pro Fights. The first 4 fights for the pro side all ended in the first round with incredible finishes from a front kick to the face to a right hook to the side of the head that laid out fighters in dramatic fashion. Sad Note was the No contest of Ian Butler vs George Burton, Ian Butler changed his camp for this fight where it showed his new striking. Ian Butler has a floating guillotine choke (I say that because he was holding on to him in midair) this fight ended in the second round when an Illegal knee struck Butler with his hand on the mat where he took the knee to the head where he suffered a stinger losing feeling to his left side, medical staff assessed the situation calling a stop to the fight. If you spoke to Joe Stevenson he will say the accidental knee was more on Butler then anything because he was “pawing the ground” but the way I saw it was Burton was pushing his head down, he had his hand on butler’s hand pushing it on the ground so to us it looked like a deliberate knee to the head.

Overall, the night was a good showcase as they continue to build momentum.



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