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7.29.2016, Temecula California

A familiar face in the MMA Community, promoter/matchmaker Josh Griggs has created something that is both unique and something that the  mma community has been missing. When you are a young fighter coming up in this fight game it is never an easy transition because you have to battle your everyday life plus when are you going to be able to step in the cage and sometimes the gyms that these kids belong to don’t have great equipment to help train these kids so they can fulfill their long life goal to get into a UFC, Bellator cage.

Now comes a long a concept called “GYM WARS” what brings this to life is that here it will pit two MMA GYMS against each other JOSH GRIGGS with the coaches will pick the best fighters make a team for the respected gyms and the winning gym will win brand new gym equipment plus a possible fight on one of his bigger fights.

Now, I was able to sit down with the mastermind behind this unique opportunity JOSH GRIGGS.

TSW: Why Gym Wars, Explain this concept to the MMA Community

Griggs: This is all about giving back to the gyms, helping gyms that produce these talented fighters, now it’s time for the fighters, to step up and defend their turf. Fighters get paid and the gyms get new equipment and cash money. I have seen to many legit coaches and gym owners go out of business. It is time to help them out and keep them in business.

TSW:  In the promo piece you mentioned the bigger the fight, bigger the prize. Explain?

Griggs: Meaning if you give me a solid pro fighter or a very popular amateur fighter. I will offer a more expensive piece of equipment.

TSW: What are you looking to get out of this?

Griggs: I am looking to help out gyms with equipment and money in return for live fights. The main focus of this show is the GYMS and the back story.

TSW: 2 years in the making, why now?

Griggs: Because I have ADD, I had too many other projects that I was working on, so decided to just focus on this one!

TSW: Anyone interested in picking this project up yet?

Griggs: I am looking to create a buzz first, then present it. I have proof of the concept, now I am working on showing that there is an interest.

TSW: Thank you Josh Griggs for your time


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Check out the article from FightbookMMA FightBookMMA writes about GYM Wars

Article written by:  Roberto from FightbookMMA

Friday July 29, 2016— If you don’t know who Josh Griggs is then you are living under a rock. Josh Griggs is an MMA Fighter a sucessfull entrepreneur and owner of Griggs Entertainment.

Josh started Griggs Entertainment in 2011, since then he has had 20 events and started promoting for Tru-Form Entertainment. TFE debuted back in August 22, 2016 at the Four Points by Sheraton in San Diego. The event had 3 pro fights and 7 amateur fights and the promotion has had multiple events and counting.

We (FightBookMMA) had our 1st Annual FightBookMMA Awards back in 2015 and they blew the competition away. TFE was awarded Top MMA Promotion!

Josh is always putting fighters first and as promoter you really don’t hear this that often. He’s had a project sitting on the sidelines for nearly 2 years and now he is bringing his new baby to the fans called “Gym Wars.”

FightBookMMA asked Josh why is he doing this show:

Giving back to the Gyms that have built these amazing fighters, a feel good story with a black eye

As you can see he was short and straight to the point. Josh will have Gyms compete to get sponsored by Throwdown and receive new equipment and cash for the winner of this competition. Below you can watch the trailer for “Gym Wars.”

Josh’s ultimate goal for this project is to give back to the gyms and put some of these up and coming fighters on the map. The only way this can happen is for ALL OF US to go to the YouTube channel, Subscribe, Share and Comment so that way a large network can pick up this show so everyone in the world can see what Josh Griggs and his team are doing for these gyms and fighters.

Josh will be wearing many hats for this project as he will be executive producer, director, promoter, matchmaker, creator and writer.

The team consists of Thomas Jennings as marketing and sales, official announcer will be Dave Davis, official referee will be Mike Beltran. Joe Novelozo will be in charge of video and music production and creative director. Also on the team is Adam Henkel (contributing footage), Coach Charles Martinez from The Arena MMA. Michio Grubbs who is a Second Degree Black Belt Instructor in the Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at Excel Jiu Jitsu Oceanside. Cinematic Score by Kevin Mechanolith Macleod.

Check out the trailer below and PLEASE lets all help them get noticed by going to the YouTube channel and share it to all your friends and family LETS MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!!

Visit GYM Wars kickstarter page and support the new movement! MMA starts with the grass roots, now it’s time to help that growth!.

GYM Wars Kickstarter Page: GYM Wars Kickstarter

Facebook GYM Wars: GYM Wars Facebook




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