The Sports Warriors speak with Gabriel Miglioli

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Good afternoon Gabriel welcome to the Sports Warriors. Last time we saw you was 3 years ago at Tru Form Entertainment in Anaheim California but, for those people that don’t know you.


When did you start the art of martial arts? What drove you into the fighting circuit?
I have been training in MMA for most of my life. I started MMA at 13 years old in Hawaiian Kenpo, at the age of 16 I started in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the age of 18 boxing and wrestling.  At 24 I was the boxing state champ in Brazil.  At 25 years old I felt very confident in my ability and competed in my first professional MMA fight in Sao Paulo Brazil which I won.

Who was your biggest influence and backer while you were training to become a fighter? 
Guys like Royce Gracie, Marco Ruas, and Vitor Belfort were inspirations to me. Antonio Carollo became my first boxing coach and made me the man I am today.

What were some of your biggest accomplishments in the sport? 
I was boxing state champion of São Paulo/Brazil this similar to golden gloves in EUA/USA. In MMA I won important fights in shows around the world like Real Fight 2, FuryFc 7, Gladiator Challenger, Ring of Combat and Bellator MMA.

Since the last time we have spoken and saw you fight was 3 years ago, why the layoff? 
I decided to retire after the fight with Joe Stevenson because I was 36 years old and think it is better to retire when my body is still healthy.

Have you retired because you’ve seemed to now cross over into coaching by joining Alliance MMA out of San Diego?
Yes and When I decided to retire, Eric Del Fierro my head coach at Alliance MMA, talked to me to see me if I would have the interest to be an MMA coach.  I started training some former teammates to get a feel for coaching and I really started to enjoy that new way of life.

Did you coach in Brazil?
I worked as a head coach for 011 MMA for a while but stopped to coach Wilson Reis (UFC) to get a higher level of experience and exposure to train a world-renowned fighter.

Usually all coaches have their own style, game plans that they implement into a camp. What makes you different?
Most of the older coaches never fought MMA because the sport is still relatively new.  Just right now some former fighters like me are starting to coach. I bring a different level of expertise due not only to my background in many fighting styles and having real fighting experience, but I also have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in Brazil. This gives me a superior knowledge of biomechanics, physiology of the human body, sports training, and nutrition which I use to train my fighters.

You’re working with some heavy hitters out of alliance mma, what do you bring to that team? how have the pros taken to you like a Phil Davis, Wilson Ries? 
I bring experience to high-level fighters that other coaches do not have. My fights with Rafael Dos Anjos (former UFC world Champion), Al Iaquinta (UFC top contender), Joe Stevenson (Former UFC contender) and fight in shows like Bellator MMA and CFFC are well respected within the community.

-Is this something you thought you’d end up doing? 
I have been training to fight for 23 years of my life, I love the sport, so I think that it is my way to live.

What do you love the most about training these athletes?
This gonna make me better and growing myself everyday

-Does training make you want to get back inside the cage? 
Sometimes, but I need to think about my health, I wanna be a healthy older guy haha

well, Gabriel thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. I appreciate your time


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