Fighters Firts MMA PBP Results

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Fighters First MMA

San Bernardino, CA

March 11, 2017

San Bernardino – Fighters First MMA Promotion debuted lead by Paco Romero and match making from Heather Hyatt. The event featured 5 finishes all by submission and potential 2 stars in the making as well.


Myron Guzman vs Sean Clark (Millennia MMA)

RD 1: Clark came in with a hard-right leg kick that was caught by Guzman, Guzman scores with a leg sweep and a take down. Guzman catches Clark in a guillotine early, but Clark gets out of the hold and back to his feet. Throws another leg kick that was caught by Guzman scores a take down and once again catches Clark with a guillotine which this time Clark taps out.

Winner: Myron Guzman (1st rd 1:21 via submission guillotine)


Diante White (SoCal Fight Factory) vs Tyler Daulley (Cleber Jiu – Jitsu)

RD 1: Daulley, come out with a solid leg kick to the left leg of White. Daulley clips White with a solid left hook. Daulley ducks under a wild left and shoots for the take down, White keeps it standing against the cage. Daulley continues with cage control as he works for the take down and scores a single leg. Daulley moves into side control towards the end of the round.

RD 1: Daulley

RD 2: White gets hit with a front kick from Daulley. White throws a leg kick that Daulley avoids and scores a take down. Daulley slips into side control and at the end of the round moves into an arm triangle just as the bell rings.

RD 2: Daulley

RD 3: White comes out this round looking to control, Daulley looks for the take down and scores. Daulley working to pass the guard of White. Ref stands the fighters up. White misses a spinning back kick. White sprawls avoid a takedown attempt from Daulley. White towards the end tried pressuring and lands a solid right.

RD 3: Daulley

Winner: Tyler Daulley (via unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Ever Hernandez (Adrenaline) vs Greg Souders (Rounders MMA & Boxing)

RD 1: Hernandez lands an early leg kick to the lead leg of Souders. Souders absorbs a body kick and throws a counter right. Souders lands an inside leg kick to the left leg of Hernandez. Hernandez with a right leg kick that landed flush to the left leg of Souders. Souders clips Hernandez with a right cross and then rips a kick to the body.

RD 1: Souders

RD 2: Hernandez lands a leg kick to the right leg of Souders and then hits a 1-2. Souders shoots scores the takedown and working to pass Hernandez guard. Souders moves into full mount after Hernandez attempted to buck him off and gives up his back to Souders, who locks in a rear naked choke.

Winner: Greg Souders (2nd 1:47 via submission Rear Naked Choke)


JaQuan Madyum (LOL) vs Khali Benjamin (Cleber Jiu – Jitsu)

RD 1: Maydum comes out throwing bombs, which allows Benjamin to score a takedown and move into side control. Maydum trying his best to buck off Benjamin which allows him to grab Maydum in a triangle choke. Maydum attempts to get out, however it allows Benjamin to lock it in.

Winner: Khali Benjamin (1st rd :41 secs via submission Triangle Choke)


Edgar Barberi (The Guild) vs Enrique Cortez (Riverside MMA)

RD 1:  Barberi lands a counter left and Cortez follows right back with a straight right. Barberi lands a left body kick to the ribs of Cortez. Barberi clips Cortez with a right and then swarms as he unloads on the far side of the cage. Cortez weathers the storm and finish the round.

RD 1: Barberi

RD 2: Barberi checks a leg kick from Cortez. Both fighters exchange a flurry. Barberi lands a solid body kick and then follows it back up with another right leg kick that lands on the shoulder of Cortez. Cortez with a leg kick to the left leg of Barberi. Barberi clips Cortez with a left hook towards the end of round.

RD 2: Barberi

RD 3: Cortez comes out with a flurry as he lands a nice right hand that sends Barberi back to the corner as Cortez clinches and lands a solid knee. Barberi fires back off the cage and both fighters back to the center. Barberi lands a hard-right leg kick.

RD 3: Barberi

Winner: Edgar Barberi (via Unanimous Decision 30-27)


Jordan Minns (Team Jordan/10 planet Van Nuys) vs Anthony Roque (Adrenaline)

RD 1: Minns lands a counter left that finds a home as Roque comes in aggressive. Minns throws a side kick and follows it up with a straight left. Roque comes back and lands a right hand of his own. Roque lands a kick and a straight left.

RD 1: Minns

RD 2: Minns lands a good kick to the lead leg of Roque. Minns with a kick to the inner thigh of Roque. Roque lunges in with a left that allows Minns to clinch and turn Roque against the cage where he scores a takedown. Minns moves into side control and out of the grip of a guillotine choke from Roque. Moves into a guillotine choke and transitions from an anaconda into a modified d’arce choke.

Winner: Jordan Minns (2nd rd 1:50 via submission d’arce choke)


Andrew Morello (Team Morello) vs Jean – Paul Lebosnoyani (NONO’s MMA Academy)

RD 1: Lebosnoyani quickly shoots, picks up Morello high and slams him to the mat. Moves into side control. Lebosnoyani transitions past the half guard of Morello and locks in a guillotine choke.

Winner: Jean-Paul Lebsonoyani (1st rd 1:12 via submission Guillotine)

Brandon Fields (Ikusa Dojo) vs Brady Wicklund (NorCal Fighting Alliance)

RD 1: Fields lands a solid body kick that was caught by Wicklund. Wicklund picks up Fields and slams him to the ground, moves into a head triangle where he lands a few punches to the ribs of Fields. Wicklund working to pass the guard of Fields. Wicklund attempts a heel hook. Fields lets go of Wicklund leg and attempts to get the back, only for Wicklund to get Fields back and land some strikes.

RD 1: Wicklund

RD 2: Fields lands a kick to Wicklund left leg that buckled him and allowed Fields to score a takedown. Wicklund catches Fields in a triangle choke, Fields gets out. Wicklund moves to full mount where he lands some ground and pound. Wicklund transitions to the back of Fields as he works for the rear naked choke as Fields is defending back his back well. Fields landing a few strikes from his back.

RD 2: Wicklund

RD 3: Fields lands another leg kick to the left leg of Wicklund that hurt and Wicklund shoots. Fields defends the first takedown attempt as Fields is landing elbows and hammerfists. Wicklund getting the takedown, Fields though lands elbows from the guard. Wicklund with a takedown. Wicklund works pass the guard of Fields into full mount.

RD 3: Wicklund

Winner: Brady Wicklund (via Unanimous Decision 30-27)


 Grappling Matches

Maraya Miller Def Dana Hernandez

Austin Holt Def Andrew Hernandez

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