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Last night a historic event was put on by Libby Canela bringing Fearless Woman MMA from Mexico to California became the first ever all female card sanctioned by CAMO. This event had plenty of first which made this event even more special as you ran off the list of historic moments.

First fight to start the night was a USFL (Youth Pankration) fight that saw Adeline Riamlo vs Aiyanah Mitchell that saw this fight go the distance become the first fight recorded. Adeline Riamlo wins via unanimous decision (History)

The first stoppage in the books comes by way of Riverside submission’s Jayden Murrillo who came in at a disadvantage early losing 8 points do to a weight change at the last minute was able to do exactly what she needed to do by getting a submission victory over her opponent Michelle Rialmo.

Honorable mention for the kids that showed up last the debut of Americana Jiu Jitsu and the Rialmo family for putting on some incredible fights.

Now you get to the main portion of the night, the amateur mma fight card which was headlined by two state championship title fights. Janetti Delgado (Cancun) vs Laurence Lavallee (Montreal) and Andrea Ceballos (Mexico City) vs Natalya Speece (Albuquerque, NM). Another first of many on this amazing night had Yvania Foley vs Joselin Fuller become the first two amateur mma to start an all-female card and claim the first stoppage which was by Foley via arm bar submission in the 1st round at 1:39. Laurence Lavallee went the distance with Janetti Delgado which was perhaps the fight of the night becoming the new 145lb state champion adding another title to victory mma growing belt collection.

Main Event time Andrea Celballos took on Natalya Speece that ended in the first round via TKO stoppage earning her the 135lb state championship.

Honorable mentions have gone out to all the women that fought on this card, being the first woman to do so and leaving everything inside that cage. Tehanahana Bernardino from Tahiti vs Shana Leigh Meagher could have been a fight of the night as well these two were warriors for three rounds of high-octane action.

Full Results:

Joselin Fuller vs Yvania Foley – Winner Foley via Arm Bar Submission 1:39 1st Round

Tehanahana Bernardino vs Shana Leigh Meagher – Winner Bernardino via UD 30/29

Janetti Delgado vs Laurence Lavallee – Winner Lavallee via UD 30/27, 30/26 #ANDNEW 145lb State Champ

Carolynn Cordoba vs Jasmine Pouncy – Winner Pouncy via TKO strikes 1:02 1st RD

Andrea Ceballos vs Natalya Speece – Winner Speece via TKO Strikes #ANDNEW 135LB Sate Champion


Adeline Rialmo (Americana Jiu Jitsu) vs Aiyanah Mitchell (Elite MMA)– Winner Rialmo via UD

Sinai Stokes (Elite MMA) vs Kimya Williams (Risk Factory MMA) – Winner Williams via UD

Asia Rialmo (Americana Jiu Jitsu) vs Ayana Contreras (Riverside Submission) – Winner Contreras via UD

Genesis Rialmo (Americana Jiu Jitsu) vs Nahdia Barrientos (Game Bred Training) – Winner Barrientos via UD

Michelle Rialmo (Americana Jiu Jitsu) vs Jayden Murrillo (Riverside Submission) – Winner Murrillo vis Submission