Ethan Page on AEW’s Unrestricted Podcast

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All Ego Ethan Page had to keep his training a secret prior to this AEW debut in “The Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match” at the AEW Revolution PPV. He explains when he found out about his appearance and how he managed to keep the secret. He also discusses the role that Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks played in his journey to AEW, his AEW DYNAMITE debut against Lee Johnson, the advantages of being a 15-year vet, his natural bromance with Men of the Year tag partner Scorpio Sky, and how excited he was to work with Sting! Ethan shares stories about his training days, his early career matches, the evolution of his character, traveling with Michael Elgin, Karate Man, his obsession with fast food, and his weekly Vlog. Plus, discover Ethan’s three-year-old daughter’s contribution to his AEW DYNAMITE entrance!



Ethan Page on Training for His Surprise Debut at AEW Revolution:

“I had to book private sessions in a closed down wrestling school during a pandemic, and Canada is very high restriction level, so I’m trying to manage that and have a training partner who will keep a secret.”

Ethan Page on Scorpio Sky and Men Of The Year Tag Team:

“If someone said, ‘Hey you and Scorpio Sky are going to be a team,’ I would have said, ‘Oh, that’s interesting,’ … and now it’s my favorite thing. I can’t even explain the chemistry we have.”


Credit: All Elite Wrestling