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This Friday in San Diego, California at the Four Points Sheraton EPIC FIGHTING brings yet another Amateur stacked MMA fight card. EPIC 31 starts at 7pm PST, Doors open at 5PM PST with 18 fights on tap for the night. This card is headlined by The Kim Twins (Jonathan and Joshua Kim), also this card has the much anticipated debut of a Native American Fighter named Bear Redfern taking on a tough fighter from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Elijah Harris. Also the debut of a new SQUAD out of TEAM ARENA “SAVAGE SQUAD”. So, let us look at a few of the top fights that fans should be looking forward to watching.

Raihere Dudes (3-1) Vs Alec Killebrew (2-0) FEATHERWEIGHT

The Fight: This fight on paper you would think this is a good match up. Anyone who has seen Here Dudes fight knows what type of fighter he is. Here Dudes takes pride in his heritage, considered a rock star in Tahiti where he opened up his own gym, created his own “SQAUD- SAVAGE SQUAD” That will have members competing on this card.
Here dudes known for distance fighting, taking opponents into deep water where he can control the fight. Dudes, last performance was at Tru Form Entertainment battle of TEAM QUEST VS TEAM INLAND EMPIRE where he put on one of his best performances to date granted that it went the distance against Chris Alvarez now he takes on a Young kid in Alec Killebrew who is tall, lanky someone that Here Dudes has yet to face. Alec is a kid that you should sleep on, He has 2 KO finishes in his first two fights one that was a highlight reel KO with a right hand uppercut to Michael O’Leary (Questionable stoppage, maybe).
Alec killebrew is a high school wrestler, one of the weak points to Here Dudes has been his take down defense. The only way this ends for Alec is take down Here Dudes, Leave it all out on the ground. Here dudes has to know that Killebrew will try to take him down. Here dudes should look for a guillotine from the shoot.

The Sports Warriors Prediction: Here Dudes by UD

Spike Carlyle (6-3) vs Donte Stubbs (3-1) WELTERWEIGHT

The Fight: This matchup is a difficult one to cut up because when you look at these two they are completing the opposite of each other one is a boxer the other is a wrestler. The interesting story line is one of two tales because Donte Stubbs (By Product of the San Diego fight scene?) Donte Stubbs was tested at Tru Form Entertainment where he lost, He comes back to face a RAW Fighter in Dearmie Street who last fought a year ago beat him in 10 seconds so, I look at that and see that was a gimmie. Donte fought a tough fighter but is nothing special it was someone he should have beaten (which he did ) now Stubbs out of the ALLIANCE gym who have some good fighters, Championship caliber fighters in his camp. Now the one question that comes up is how Stubbs counters Carlyle wrestling because Stubbs take down defense is SO-SO at best. We look at Stubbs as a one dimensional fighter doesn’t mean he is bad or anything just needs a bit more seasoning.
Spike Carlyle, Spike Carlyle ….My brother and I have been using the word “EVLOVE” that in order to become good, great or legendary you must evolve in everything that you do in life. Spike inbodies that moniker. We remember seeing Spike make his debut at EPIC Fighting back November of 2015 wearing cowboy boots, cowboy hat and a cap gun with a cheer section since that day he has gone 4-1 since, in last 3 fights he is 5-1! 2 Submission finishes in his last two fights against quality fighters Bruce Smith and Marcus Walston. Spike Carlyle is one of the most active Amateur fighters in the county with this being his 5th fight on 2016 channeling his inner Donald Cerrone.
Spike Carlyle should be able to build on his 3 fight win strike by catching a sloppy exchange with Stubbs that will result in a stoppage.
The Sports Warriors Prediction: Spike Carlyle via Choke over Stubbs

Tamahau McComb (1-2) vs Steven Schreel (1-0) LIGHTWEIGHT

The Fight: The pairing of these two fighters could be a questionable one. We say that because McComb has struggled his last two fights losing via Submission and a Unanimous decision. McComb might have a new found game coming into this fight because of his SQUAD is together for the first time outside of Here Dudes with him ( Maybe this motivates him) because he is fighting a tough one in Steven Schreel who put an end to Zachary Kraschinsky via choke. However this one could be tailored made for McComb because Schreel hasn’t fought anyone of McComb’s caliber but, that doesn’t mean anything on any given night someone could have each other’s number.
McComb just like a lot of fighters out of Team Arena have had their struggles with Wrestlers, with guys that can take it to the ground. So, the question is can he stop the take down and keep this fight standing?

The Sports Warriors Prediction: Tamahau McComb via TKO over Schreel ending his two fight skid

Elijah Harris (3-3) vs Bear Redfern (0-1)

The Fight: What to say about this fight, Bear Redfern makes his EPIC Fighting Debut away from the chicken farm. Leaving many fight fans, including fighters questioning Bear and what type of fighter he is. Bear on record has an 0-1 record because he fought for an unsanctioned questionable organization where he holds two WORLD TITLES! Being a Native American Bear has a chip on his shoulder destined to shut up the haters, the disrespect against him as well as the Native’s good bad or in different this kid wants to be a world champ in every place he fights so make no question about it that Bear is coming to fight. Last time he was scheduled he broke his hand, was sidelined but now he is 100% coming into this fight against a bad dude in Elijah Harris. Harris won his last fight in an exciting battle against Carlos Sutton where the fight went the distance. This fight doesn’t go pass the first round someone will get KO’d.

The Sports Warriors Prediction: Bear Redfern via KO

Other notable fights that will have fight fans on the edge of their seats is the fights with the Kim Twin’s (Jonathan and Joshua Kim) both fighters will look to continue their destruction of the SAN DIEGO COUNTY’s BEST. Djavan Coleman will take on James Mason, Djavan BJJ is ridiculous so look for a high light reel submission out of him.


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