EPIC Fighting 31 (amateur MMA sanctioned by CAMO -MMA)

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EPIC Fighting 31 (amateur camo – mma event)

San Diego, CA

Four Points Sheraton


Jesus Sanchez (0-3) Team: TOYAMA  vs Cody Halleman (1-7) Team: White Tiger

Round 1: Halleman drops Sanchez with a right. Sanchez is able to get back to his feet quickly, Halleman is able to get Sanchez back down to the mat. Halleman moves into full mount and finishes the fight with ground and pound.

Winner: Cody Halleman (1st rd via TKO due to strikes 1:05)


Winston Morris (1-2) Team: Giggle Puff vs Tyler Kiest (0-0) Team: Ikusa Dojo

Round 1: Kiest uses the cage as a spring board to score an earlier take down attempt on Morris and is able to secure the kimura submission.

Winner: Tyler Kiest (1st rd via submission kimura 57 secs)


Henri Burns (0-0) Team: Arena vs Edgar Barberi (1-1) Team: The Guild

Round 1: Burns lands a solid right leg kick. Both fighters exchange to the near side of the cage. Burns lands a crisp 1-2 combo that lands. Burns with a solid inside leg kick to the left leg of Barberi.

Round 1: Burns

*doctors call a stop to the fight during intermission awarded the fight to Burns. Due to injury.*

Winner: Henri Burns (1st rd via ref stoppage due to injury)


Spike Carlyle (6-3) Team: ISD vs Jeremy Fattorusso (0-0) Team: SDCA/Hurricane Awesome

Round 1: Carlyle lands a good front kick. Fattorusso catches a leg kick and goes hard for the takedown attempt and Carlyle is able to avoid the initial take down attempt. Fattorusso scores the takedown and Carlyle grabs the cage to avoid the take down. Ref stops the fight and took away a point from Carlyle. Carlyle comes back and scores a take down. Carlyle connects with an uppercut. Carlyle with a leg kick to the inner thigh of Fattorusso. Fattorusso goes for the takedown and Carlyle attempts to put a guillotine attempt, which Fattorusso is able to take top position into side control and ended the round with some ground and pound.

Round 1: Fattorusso

Round 2: Carlyle comes out with 3 head kicks in a row that are partly blocked by Fattorusso. Fattorusso is able to avoid the strikes from Carlyle and then shoots in for a takedown that is blocked by Carlyle. Fattorusso is able to score the takedown. Carlyle attempts to scramble as they make their way back to the center of the cage, but Fattorusso is able to control position. Carlyle uses the cage to get back to his feet and controls the rest of the round.

Round 2: Fattorusso

Round 3: Carlyle lands a left hook and then lands a right leg kick. Carlyle just misses a spinning back fist which allows Fattorusso to take the back of Carlyle. Carlyle runs towards the near side and Fattorusso is able to use the cage control to get back to the front. Fattorusso scores a leg sweep take down on Carlyle, who is able to quickly get back to his feet. Carlyle lands a left and then a low right leg kick.

Round 3: Carlyle

Winner: Jeremy Fattorusso (via 28-28, 29-27, 29-27 and NEW 170 LBS champ)


Djavan Coleman (2-0) Team: Excel Jiujitsu vs James Mason (1-0) Team: UFC Gym Mission Valley

Round 1: Coleman scores a takedown and quickly goes into side control, then attempts to take the back of Mason. Mason is able to avoid the attempt at taking his back. Coleman; however is able to score another takedown into side control and almost finished the fight with a hyper extension of the arm. Mason again is able to avoid and get back to his feet. Mason then scores a takedown of his own.

Round 1: Coleman

Round 2: Coleman scores an explosive takedown and floats over to Mason’s back, a scramble ensues. Coleman is able to move to full mount and is attempts to an arm bar. Coleman moves to side control and lands strikes to the body. Mason is able to get back to his feet and Coleman lands a leg kick, Mason grabs the leg of Coleman and lands 4 straight right’s and the last one sends Coleman back to the cage as the round ended.

Round 3: Coleman working hard for the single leg. Mason is able to avoid and keep the fight standing. Coleman shoots for the takedown and Mason catches him in a guillotine. However he’s not able to keep it locked in and Coleman is able to keep the top position and lock in a reverse guillotine.

Winner: Djavan Coleman (3rd rd via submission guillotine 1:14)


Haunui Otcenasek (0-0) Team: Arena vs Jose Campos (3-0) Team: ISD

Round 1: Campos lands a hard leg kick to start the round and then scores the early takedown. Campos is able to maintain the top position and landed some strikes.

Round 1: Campos

Round 2: Otcenasek lands a solid right that stuns Campos, but Campos is able to score the takedown. Campos finding a home for his left hand from the top position as he’s in Otcenasek guard. Campos postures up and lands a solid strike. Campos stands up and lands a solid left leg kick to the thigh of Otcenasek who was on his back.

Round 2: Campos

Round 3: Campos lands a leg kick to the inner thigh of Otcenasek and then follows it up with a 1-2. Campos stalking Otcenasek around the ring as he lands strike after strike. Campos with the takedown into the half guard of Otcenasek, Campos using strikes with his left to create space as he attempts to pass half guard. Campos is able to move into side position and as the round comes to a close Campos; came close to ending the fight with a kimura as the bell sounded.

Winner: Jose Campos (via Unanimous decision 30-29)


Johnny Souza (1-1) Team: Alliance vs Brandon Fields (1-1) Team: Ikusa Dojo

Round 1: Souza absorbs a kick from Fields and scores the takedown; however Fields gets right back to his feet. Fields scores a takedown with a judo toss into side control, Souza is able to get the back of Fields and grabs the arm. Souza continues to work for the arm bar and is able to secure it as Fields was trying to power out.

Winner: Johnny Souza (1st rd via submission arm bar)


Teva Paulet (0-1) Team: Arena vs Richard Poun (0-0) Team: UFC Gym Rosemead

Round 1: Paulet comes out firing a both fighters exchange in the center. Paulet lands a flurry of strikes that stagger Poun back towards the cage. Ref stops fight.

Winner: Teva Paulet (1st rd TKO due to strikes)


Mark Keene (0-0) Team: Alliance East vs Robert Hill (1-0) Team: UFC Gym

Round 1: Hill comes out with a good leg kick. Keene lands a left hook that quickly creates a mouse under the eye of Hill. Keene taunts Hill in the center of the cage and then connects with 2 left hooks. Then a body head combo as Hill just tries to protect himself. Hill attempts to scramble away from Keene, who is able to chase him down and land a solid head kick that staggers Hill and then the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Mark Keene (1st rd via TKO due to strikes 1:47)


Tamahau MC COMB (1-2) Team: Arena vs Steven Schreel (1-0) Team: Agility

Round 1: Schreel comes out with a push kick. MC COMB lands a nice 1-2 combo and scores the takedown. Schreel scrambles back to his feet and pulls guard that allows MC COMB to maintain the top position. MC COMB moves to full mount and then to side control, then to north south position. Schreel attempts to scramble back to his feet and MC COMB grabs him in the guillotine towards the end of the round.

Round 1: MC COMB

Round 2: MC COMB attempts to go for a takedown that Schreel is able to defend and almost catches MC COMB in a kimura that MC COMB is able to power out up against the cage. Schreel scores the takedown and attempts an arm triangle that MC COMB is able to avoid, however Schreel is able to take the back of MC COMB.

Round 2: Schreel

Round 3: Schreel lands a hard leg kick that sends MC COMB to the mat and then back up and Schreel gets the takedown. Schreel moves to MC COMB’s back and flattens him out as he lands a few strikes. MC COMB is able to roll over to his back which allows Schreel to end up in full mount and ground & pound MC COMB for the finish.

Winner: Steven Schreel (3rd rd via TKO due to strikes 1:19)


Rafael Nunez (0-1) Team: Silverback JiuJitsu vs Anastacio Barrientos (0-0) Team: One Nation

Round 1: Both fighters come out exchanged some good shots each. Barrientos drops Nunez with a body shot.

Winner: Anastacio Barrientos (1st rd via TKO due to strikes :27 secs)


Jonathan Kim (4-0) Team: ISD vs Daniel Gonzalez (4-1) Team: UFC GYM Rosemead

Round 1: Kim throws a spinning back kick that was partially blocked by Gonzalez. Kim lands a solid kick to the body. Gonzalez with another lead jab that connects. Gonzalez with a left hook. Kim with another solid kick to the lead leg of Gonzalez. Kim lands a right that stuns Gonzalez and Kim pressures as he scores the takedown. Kim grabs the arm and locks in an arm bar that Gonzalez as he tries to power out that Kim bucks him off up towards the cage and lands a few strikes as a left lands that sends Gonzalez to the mat.

Winner: Jonathan Kim (1st rd TKO via strikes 2:32 And New 135lbs Champ)


Benjamin Roberts (1-1) Team: Undisputed El Cajon vs Bryant Shell (1-1) Team: Ikusa

Round 1: Roberts with a solid head kick and Roberts is able to get a brief takedown that Roberts is able to scramble to get to the top position and grab the back. Shell defending his back well and Roberts lands a knee to the ribs of Shell.

Round 1: Roberts

Round 2: Roberts lands a straight left and then a right. Shell gives up his back and then Roberts pushes back and lands a solid head kick straight to the face. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: Benjamin Roberts (2nd rd via TKO due to strikes :57 secs)


Lacy Lodes (0-1) Team: Silverback MMA vs Helen Williams (0-0) Team: Master Lee’s Kung Foo San Soo

Round 1: Lodes comes out lands 2 solid kicks to the lead leg of Williams and is able to shoot in for the takedown and scores it. Quickly Lodes moves into the half guard of Williams and lands ground & pound.

Round 1: Lodes

Round 2: Lodes pressures Williams with a couple pawing strikes that pushes Williams to the cage where she’s able to score the takedown. Lodes working past the guard of Williams. Lodes is able to control the position and lands a few hammer fists, then she put her forearm into the throat of Williams and Williams taps out.

Winner: Lacy Lodes (2nd rd via submission forearm to the trachea)

Elijah Harris (3-3) Team: Hurricane Awesome vs Bear Redfern (0-1) Team: KUPA

Round 1: Redfern lands a straight left jab and is sprawls to avoid the takedown attempt from Harris. Redfern is able to use his weight to maintain top position as he works to get past the guard of Harris. Harris is able to work to grab the back of Redfern and flattens him out and is able to grab a rear naked choke.

Winner: Bear Redfern (1st rd via submission Rear Naked Choke 2:17)

Joshua Kim (4-0) Team ISD vs Alec Killebrew (2-0) Team: One Nation

Round 1: Kim comes out switching his stances up. Killebrew lands a right and pushes Kim to the cage. Kim is able to score the takedown and secures the arm of Killebrew. Killebrew taps out due to armbar.

Winner: Joshua Kim (1st rd via submission via arm bar 1:11 secs And New EPIC 145lbs Champ)





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