EPIC Fighting 30 Live Results Play by Play

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EPIC Fighitng 30 (amateur MMA Camo)
4 Points Sheraton Hotel
San Diego, CA
Rafael Guzman (Team Arena) 0-0 vs Kevin Espina (UFC Gym) 0-0
Round 1: Espina comes out trying to clinch, but Guzman comes back swinging and lands a couple clean shots with left and right. Espina is able to avoid damage, Guzman clinched against the far side of the cage. Guzman lets his hands fly as he lands a solid right hand as Espina ducks into a guillotine from Guzman. Espina is able to avoid the submission attempt as Guzman again unloads with rights to the ribs.
Round 2:  Guzman is able to score a take down, worked to get to full mount position. He was able to do so and opened up with ground & pound.
Winner: Rafael Guzman (Team Arena) Via 2nd round TKO 1:32
Winston Morris (Giggle Puff) 1-1 vs Edgar Barberi (The Guild) 0-0
Round 1: Barberi lands a counter right that stuns Morris as Morris staggers back towards the cage. Barberi just lets his hands go as he connects with left and rights. Barberi lands a straight right that lands right on the chin that sends Morris to the mat. Barberi follows up with ground & pound as the fight is stopped.
Winner: Edgar Barberi via TKO due to strikes 1st round :57
Claude JoJo Agorrilla (The Arena) 1-0 vs Brandon Fields (IKUSA dojo) 0-0
Round 1: Fields comes out and lands a kick to the body. Agorilla swings wild as Fields is able to avoid the shots, clinched and scores a take down. Agorrilla moves to Fields back as he’s able to get both hooks in, lands some ground and pound. Fields is able to reverse out into side mount than Agorilla gives up his back as Fields is able to secure the rear naked choke.
Winner: Brandon Fields via TKO due to injury (Agorilla right shoulder was dislocated) 1st Round 1:35
Zachary Krashinsky (Bas Rutten Elite MMA Gym) 1-0-1 vs Steven Schreel (Five Star MMA) 0-0
Round 1: Krashinsky nearly catches a flying knee attempt from Schreel. Schreel lands a solid front kick. Schreel secures the first take down of the fight as he moves into full mount and postures up landing heavy ground & pound. Krashinsky avoids more punishment, but almost gets caught in an arm bar towards the end of the round.
Round 1: Steven Schreel
Round 2: Krashinsky lands 2 right leg kicks to the left leg of Schreel and Schreel shoots in for the take down. Schreel scores another take down and passes right around into full mount. Krashinsky gives up his back and allows Schreel to secure the Rear Naked Choke.
Winner: Steven Schreel via Rear Naked Choke 2nd round at 1:04
Daniel Molina (10th Planet Oceanside) 1-0 vs Jose Campos (International Self Defense) 1-0
Round 1: Molina shoots for the take down attempt and it’s stuffed by Campos early. Molina is working hard for the take down. Molina lands a left and right combo, which allows him to score the take down. But both fighters are quickly back to their feet. Molina lands a left.
Round 1: Daniel Molina
Round 2: Campos comes out and attempts at a high head leg kick, Molina is able to avoid. Molina lands a solid left. Campos is doing a good job at avoiding the take downs from Molina. Campos lands a solid right upper cut.
Round 2: Joe Campos (the ducross bros scored it Molina)
Round 3: Molina lands a spinning back fist. Campos comes back as he connects with a 1-2 and scores a take down. Molina is the one that gets the position, but Campos is able to take the position back. Both fighters are back to their feet. Campos with a right. Molina let’s go his hands as he lands a flurry of punches and leg kicks. Molina lands a straight right.
Round 3: Joe Campos
Winner: Joe Campos via Unanimous decision
Madison McElhaney (Systems) 0-0 vs Rebecca Ireland (The Guild) 0-0
Round 1: McElhaney lands a solid right leg kick. Both girls clinch and are both connecting with shots from inside the guard. Ireland lands a right and clinches against the cage. McElhaney has side position against the cage and is landing lefts. McElhaney lands 2 right hands after another.
Round 1: Madison McElhaney
Round 2: McElhaney lands another stinging right leg kick to the left leg of Ireland and follows up with another straight right. Ireland clinches in side position with a head lock, McElhaney is able to push Ireland to the cage. McElhaney now in cage control. McElhaney comes straight ahead with 2 overhand rights over and over again.
Round 2: Madison McElhaney
Winner: Madison McElhaney via TKO 2nd round (Ireland doesn’t come out to answer the bell to start the 3rd round)
Jefferson Creighton (Team Arena) 2-2 vs Joey Bryant – Sowka (Swiftkick MMA) 3-7
Round 1: Creighton scores the take down, Bryant is doing a good job at not letting Creighton pass his guard. Creighton postures up and lands a right. Creighton was a left elbow from the guard. Creighton postures up again and this time he’s able to move into side control. Ref stands both fighters up. Creighton is able to secure the clinch against the cage, Bryant – Sowka scores the take down. Creighton is able to get back to his feet.
Round 1: Jefferson Creighton
Round 2: Creighton with another take down. Creighton lands left hands to Bryant – Sowka as he’s sitting against the cage. Creighton pulls him down to the mat where he’s able to secure the full mount position. Bryant -Sowka is able to get back to his feet, but Creighton once again is able to get another take down. Ref stands both fighters back up. Bryant – Sowka lands 2 solid knees to the sternum of Creighton towards the end of the round before Creighton scores the take down.
Round 2: Jefferson Creighton
Round 3: Creighton with another easy take down and goes right into full mount. Bryant – Sowka gives up his back to Creighton, but Bryant – Sowka is able to reverse to the top position. Creighton is able to get an arm bar attempt, again Bryant – Sowka is able to avoid the submission attempt as Creighton is able to gain side mount. Bryant – Sowka is able to get him back into his guard. Ref stands both fighters up. Bryant – Sowka attempts a leg kick that is caught by Creighton who’s able to score another take down. Bryant – Sowka towards the end of right attempts at an arm bar, but not enough time.
Round 3: Jefferson Creighton
Winner: Jefferson Creighton via Unanimous decision
Brandon Emmett (Gods Gladiator) 0-1 vs Evandro Nunes (Nono’s MMA) 0-0
Round 1: Nunes comes out in the crouch position and takes a leg kick from Emmett. Nunes than shoots forward as he’ clinches against the cage then scores the take down. Then Nunes is able to quickly move into full mount position. Nunes tries to pin Emmett’s left arm with his right knee, is able to grab his left arm to pull Emmett close into arm triangle.
Winner: Evandro Nunes via 1st round submission arm triangle 4:56
Erika Ontiveros (Silverback MMA) 0-0 vs Kathrine Proudfoot (Fight Club 29 ) 0-0
Round 1: Right away both women go for the clinch and Ontiveros is able to grab the back of Proudfoot while standing. Ontiveros locks in the rear naked choke and pulls Proudfoot down to the mat while still holding on. Proudfoot doing he best to avoid the choke. Proudfoot is able to roll into top position. Proudfoot stands up at the end.
Round 1: Erika Ontiveros
Round 2: Proudfoot comes out and lands a left. Ontiveros is able to take her to the cage and the score another take down. Ontiveros moves into half guard, Proudfoot is defending well from her back. Ontiveros throws a couple strikes to the left ribs of Proudfoot.
Round 2: Erika Ontiveros
Round 3: Ontiveros against avoids the strikes coming from Proudfoot and quickly clinches to the cage, then scores the early take down into half guard. Ontiveros stands up and allows her to move into side control.
Round 3: Erika Ontiveros
Winner: Erika Ontiveros via Unanimous decision
David Boyko (Bas Rutten Elite MMA) 2-1 vs Angel Ramirez (Alliance East) 1-0
Round 1: Both fighters come out swinging for the fences as Ramirez scores the early take down as he gets better of the exchanges. Ramirez enters Boyko’s half guard. Boyko using the cage to leverage out of the clinch of Ramirez, but Ramirez is able to pull him right back down.
Round 1: Angel Ramirez
Round 2: Ramirez eats a left from Boyko. Ramirez lands a solid right and then a take down and a float over to Boyko’s back. Ramirez secures the back of Boyko and belly to back suplex Boyko and lands right into half guard. Boyko trying to get back to his feet, Ramirez is maintaining the position.
Round 2: Angel Ramirez
Round 3: Both fighters come out exchanging in the center landing some clean strikes, then Ramirez ducks under and scores another take down into half guard. Ramirez is landing some strikes from the half guard, but isn’t doing much damage from the position.
Round 3: Angel Ramirez
Winner: Angel Ramirez via Unanimous decision


Elijah Harris (Team Hurricane Awesome) 2-3 vs Carlos Sutton (Franklin Aguirre Fighting) 0-0
Round 1: Sutton catches a kick from Harris and dumps him down to the mat. Sutton passes into half guard.
Round 1: Carlos Sutton
Round 2: Sutton quickly ducks under a strike from Harris and puts Harris on his back. Sutton moves to side control and then Harris gives up his back. Sutton is able to flatten him out, only for Harris to get back to his back and then regain top position from the scramble. Harris was going for a heel hook, let’s go to get back to top position.
Round 2: Elijah Harris
Round 3: Harris lands a solid jab. Sutton is able to score another take down. Both fighters back to their feet. Harris clinched against the cage and lands a knee to the body, then a solid right upper cut.
Round 3: Elijah Harris
Winner: Elijah Harris via Unanimous decision
Christian Leon (The Arena) 4-0 vs Joshua Kim (International Self Defense) 1-0 ( Fight doesn’t count. Camo calls off the fight due to time of 12:01AM )

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