Epic Fighting 29 (CamoMMA Amateur) results

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Epic Fighting 29

4 Points Sheraton

San Diego, CA

  • Joshua Wang – Kim, pulled do to slicing his toe prior to fight
  • Jeremy Redfern vs Elijah Harris, pulled due to a miscommunication with NSAC & suspended 3 more days


Hunter (Spike) Carlyle vs Jesus Sanchez

Round 1: Carlyle shoots in for the takedown and scores. Carlyle moves into side control. Sanchez is holding onto Carlyle’s neck/head area, Carlyle is able to pass it and get to full mount. Sanchez rolls over and gives up his back as Carlyle is able to lock in a RNC towards the end of the round. The bell rings.

Hunter Carlyle

Round 2: Both fighters come out and exchange leg kicks. Carlyle scores the take down and gets the back of Sanchez as he starts landing hammer fists. Sanchez rolls over and allows Carlyle to get into full mount as Carlyle rains down ground and pound. Sanchez gives up his back again to Carlyle as he locks in the RNC for the finish.

Winner: Hunter Carlyle (via RNC 1st round 1:07)


Jacob Moody vs Robert Hill

Round 1: Hill scores the take down early after a flying kick attempt from Moody. Hill quickly scores the back and locks in the rear naked choke.

Winner: Robert Hill (via Rear Naked Choke 1:27 in the 1st round)




Winston Morris vs Brenden Smiley

Round 1: Both fighters come out aggressive, just throwing haymakers. Smiley is able to score the early take down and Morris grabs him in a kneeling guillotine. Both fighters get back to their feet, the ref stops the fight right away as it appears like Smiley has dislocated his left shoulder.

Ref calls a stop to the fight due to doctor’s orders.

Winner: Winston Morris (due to ref stoppage in the 1st round :57 secs)




Freddy Sosa vs Jureall Simmons

Round 1: Simmons comes out and connects right off the bat a right hand that sends Sosa down to the mat. Sosa turtles up and just unloads some heavy hands with ground and pound.

Winner: Jureall Simmons (via strikes 1st Round :19 secs)



Danny Peoples vs Bryan Delgado

Round 1: Peoples scores the first take down of the fight and Delgado is able to keep him with in his guard. Delgado here is doing a good job at defending off Peoples. Ref stands both fighters up, Peoples quickly scores another take down.

Danny Peoples

Round 2: Peoples with another take down. Peoples trying to posture up out of the guard from Delgado. Peoples is able to posture up and lands some heavy ground & pound that sees the ref call a stop to the fight.

Winner: Danny Peoples (via strikes 2nd round 1:24)




Julian Baez vs Julian Waterbury

Round 1: Both fighters come out trying to establish the jab for distance. Baez lands a high left leg kick that was partially blocked by Waterbury. Waterbury catches a front kick from Baez and lands a low leg kick to the right leg of Baez. Baez with a hard right leg kick to Waterbury. Baez lands a hard left hook to the body.

Julian Baez

Round 2: Both fighters clinch against the cage on the far side. Baez is controlling the wrist of Waterbury and lands knees inside the clinch. Waterbury lands a solid left hook that finds a home to the head of Baez towards the end of the round.

Julian Baez

Round 3: Baez lands a body kick to the ribs of Waterbury and then follows up with a flurry of punches. Baez lands a high left head kick that stuns Waterbury. Waterbury comes back and lands a solid left that lands. Baez clinched and moves to the cage control. Baez is able to pull Waterbury down towards the end of the round.

Julian Baez

Winner: Julian Baez (Unanimous decision 30-27 for Julian Baez)




Jonathan Wang Kim vs Cole Krisell

Round 1: Krisell comes in and shoots on Kim, Kim locks in a guillotine. Kim moves to a triangle attempt, but moves to the arm bar and locks it in. Ref calls a stop to the fight.

Winner: Jonathan Wang – Kim (via Submission Armbar 1st round :32 secs)




Anita Hoehenleiter vs Lacy Lodes (Main Event)

Round 1: Hoehenleiter lands a hard right hand that staggers Lodes. Hoehenleiter moves Lodes back towards the cage and is clinching. Hoehenleiter doing work from inside the clinch landing heavy strikes.

Anita Hoehenleiter

Round 2: Lodes walks right into a right from Hoehenleiter and quickly clinches. Hoehenleiter lands a right from inside the clinch. Both fighters back to the center of the cage. Hoehenleiter lands a hard right low leg kick to Lodes.

Anita Hoehenleiter

Round 3: Lodes lands a nice right hand to the face of Hoehenleiter. Both fighters clinch and then separate back towards the center. Lodes walks right into another right. Lodes pulls guard towards the end of the round and tries to lock in a guillotine towards the end that Hoehenleiter is able to get out.

Winner: Anita Hoehenleiter (unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 Anita Hoehenleiter)






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