Epic Fighting 27 Nov. 14 2014 Results

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San Diego, CA – Jason Stewart and everyone else with Epic Fighting, once again put on a great showing. They put on display some of the best upcoming fighters from all areas from San Diego and even up to the LA area as they all come down to display their talents. If you haven’t been to San Diego to see this amateur promotion, then your simply missing out. If your a fan of MMA, this is the place to be to see the best Up and Comers.

Epic Fighting 27

Nov. 14, 2014 at the Four Point Sheraton in San Diego, CA


David Lin vs Lonnie Huey

Round 1:

David Lin, comes out pressing the fight and leading with his jab as he’s trying to find the distance. He follows up his jab with a right kick. Huey is trying to land his leg kick. Lin took down Huey, but Huey was able to reverse and landed some punches on top, Lin scrambles out and back to the center. Huey hits a hard body kick. Both fighters exchange towards the end of the round

Round 1: Huey

Round 2:

Lin comes out landing a right kick to Huey’s left leg. David lands a left hook to Huey. Huey connects in the clinch as Huey lands some good shots. Huey lands a hard left hook that stunned Lin, and then Huey hits a uppercut. Huey hits another solid body kick to Lin’s left side. Huey lands a overhand right towards the end.

Round 2: Huey

Round 3:

Huey hits left and followed with a right that rocks Lin, who then attempts a shoot that is blocked by Huey. Huey hits a right jab with a right hook. Huey rocks Lin with a left hook with a uppercut to the body. Then just unloaded in the corner.

Leben throws in the towel.

Winner: Lonnie Huey (1:23 , 3rd round TKO)


Angel Gonzalez vs Harrison Wilson

Round 1:

Gonzalez landed a high leg kick to the face of Wilson. Both fighters grapple and trying to find their position. Wilson as able to sprawl to stop a takedown attempt from Gonzalez and pushed Gonzalez up towards the cage. Then Gonzalez comes off the cage and hits a knee and then unloads on Wilson and knocks Wilson down with a left, then jumps on him with ground and pound.

Winner: Angel Gonzalez (1:36, 1st round TKO)

Raul Hernandez vs Jacobe Powell

Round 1:

Hernandez comes out hard throwing wild, but gets Powell to the cage and scores a takedown. Hernandez moves to side control, hits punches to the side of Powell’s head and then lands a shot to the back of Powell’s head. Ref stoppage for a min. Hernandez lands a right hook that sends Powell crashes to the mat and then jumps on him with vicious ground and pound to end the fight.

Winner: Raul Hernandez (1:38, 1st Round TKO)

Jesus Moreno vs Raihere Dudes

Round 1:

Dudes comes out with a front kick attempt that was caught by Moreno who then shoots in and scores the first takedown of the fight. Moreno moves into side mount, but Dudes has Moreno in a guillotine using it as a block. Dudes is able to scramble back to his feet and Dudes pulled guard and he knew he had the guillotine.

Round 1: Jesus Moreno

Round 2:

Dudes lands a hard leg kick to Moreno, but Moreno is able to back up dudes to the cage and score another takedown. Dudes is able to get back to his feet and then scores a takedown of his own, but Moreno eventually makes his way to the top. Moreno gets dudes in a gullitone attempt, but is picked up and dropped by Dudes.

Round 2: Jesus Moreno

Round 3:

Dudes hits a good uppercut to start the round, but Moreno just pushes foward and scores another takedown. Moreno is working hard from the top trying to pass Dudes guard. As time expired Dudes almost gets the arm bar.

Round 3: Jesus Moreno

Winner: Jesus Moreno (Unanimous Decision: 30-27 all judges)

Chris Hansen vs Dustin Blevins

Round 1:

Both fighters come out aggressive and move into the clinch as they slide to the cage. Blevins scores a hip toss takedown and moves into full mount and Hansen rolls over giving up his back to Blevins who then spins Hansen over and works on the rear naked choke, but locks in a neck crank and Hansen taps.

Winner: Dustin Blevins ( 1st round, Rear Naked Choke)

Jose Rugama vs Miguel Thomas

Round 1:

Rugama shoots in early and scores a takedown and quickly working to pass Thomas guard. Thomas is able to get back to his feet and turn Rugama up against the cage and lands a knee inside the clinch, but Rugama was able to turn off the cage and nail knees of his own. Thomas has the clinch up against the cage and hits a knee.

Round 1: Jose Rugama

Round 2:

Rugama scores yet another early takedown on Thomas, but Thomas was able to get back to his feet quickly. Rugama is able to still control position against the cage and eventually scores another takedown, this time it was a single leg. Thomas is able to get back to his feet and press Rugama up against the cage. Thomas was able to get a leg sweep takedown towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Jose Rugama

Round 3:

Rugama scores a single leg takedown, but Thomas is able to quickly get back to his feet and put Rugama up against the cage. Thomas hts a hard leg kick to Rugama left leg that was felt through his shin guard.

Round 3: Jose Rugama

Winner: Jose Rugama (unanimous decision: 29-28 Rugama, 28-29 Thomas, 29-28 Rugama)

Joshua Marer vs Timothy Molinar

Round 1:

Molinar missed a spinning back kick and Marer shoots for a takedown. Molinar gets a gullitine choke in and rolls Marer over to full mount holding into the choke. Molinar continues to hold on to the choke and lands some hard body shots from the mount.

Round 1: Molinar

Round 2:

Molinar comes running with a flying front kick that sends both fighters to the ground. Molinar gets the top position, but both fighters roll each other over where eventually Molinar gets into side control with the arm triangle. Marer is able to flip Molinar over only over Marer to get caught with straight right. Then Marer eats a high leg kick.

Round 2: Molinar

Round 3:

Both fighters come out and each connect with a body kick. Marer rocks Molinar with a left hook. Molinar tries for a side-kick. Marer pushes back with a straight left that lands, but Molinar tries a spinning back kick and then a front flip kick attempt that is missed back Molinar, but Marer tries to push forward. Molinar scores a takedown and then power bombs Marer 2 times towards the end of the fight

Round 3: Molinar

Winner: Timothy Molinar (Unanimous Decision: 30-27 all judges)

Cameron Underhill vs Tamahau Mc Comb

Round 1:

McComb lands a leg kick to the lead leg.  Underhills cores a takedown and is trying to work to pass McComb guards, but McComb tries to stand up but gets taken down. McComb gets the guillotine in and then it looks like his knee popped.

Winner: Tamahau Mc Comb (1st round, TKO)

Taylor Fann vs Ricardo Lopez

Round 1:

Fann comes out aggressive, but Lopez comes out unloading haymakers left and right followed by uppercuts. Both fighters are just exchanging all over the octagon. Both fighters are tired as they clinch and then come back swinging.

Round 1: Lopez

Round 2:

Lopez comes out lands a hard body kick that is caught by Fann and scores a takedown. Fann is trying to pass guard and does as he moves to side mount and hits some hard elbows to the ribs of Lopez. Grabs full mount as he was working for a kimura, but Lopez gets out and gives up his back and now Fann is working on a submission attempt towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Fann

Round 3:

Fann comes out hits a overhand right, Lopez comes back with a counter punch of his own. But Fann scores a takedown and works to pass Lopez’s guard into side control, but Lopez  adjusts his posture and moves Fann back into his guard.

Round 3: Fann

Winner: Taylor Fann (Unanimous Decision: 29-28 Taylor Fann All Judges)

Phillip Hoy-Valle vs James Horoi Morohi

Round 1:

Both fighters come out exchange kicks. Morohi hits 2 vicious leg kicks to Valle left leg and then kicks a nice 1 2 punch combo. Morohi grabs a standing Guillotine and Valle taps.

Winner: James Horoi Morohi (1st round sub, via guillotine)

Jamal Pogues vs Jared Vanderaa

Round 1:

Pogues hits a 12 combo and then shoots, scores a takedown. But Vanderaa is able to get back to his feet. Pogues is working hard for the takedown up against the cage. Pogues scores the takedown attempt  and then Vanderaa grabs the arm triangle, but Pogues is able to get out and get back to his feet.

Round 1: Pogues

Round 2:

Pogues shoots in and pushes Vanderaa all the way to the cage as he works for the takedown which he scores. Pogues goes right into side control and then moves to full control where Vanderaa gives up his back. But Vanderaa scrambles back to his feet even though Pogues still has his back. Pogues scores another takedown. Vanderaa is working from his back landing short punches to the head. Pogues get into side control .

Round 2: Pogues

Round 3:

Pogues again starts the round off with an attempt at a double leg that is blocked by Vanderaa as they moved all the way to the near cage side and scores the takedown. Moves into side control, but Vanderaa rolls as he to move out of the position and gets back to his feet. Pogues gets the takedown tries towards the end of the round for a arm triangle.

Round 3: Pogues

Winner : Jamal Pogues (Unanimous Decision: 30-27 (2 judges) and 29-28 3rd judge)

Ritchie Rodarte vs Devin Taylor

Round 1:

Taylor starts the fight off with a right leg kick. Both fighters exchange leg kicks and Rodarte pushes forward and lands a combo that is blocked by Taylor. Taylor lands a solid body kick. Taylor lands a left hook that staggers Rodarte and then follows up with another left that sends Rodarte to the mat as Taylor jumps on him. Both fighters back to their feet. Taylor lands a high right leg kick that was partially blocked and followed it up with a straight right.

Round 1: Taylor

Round 2:

Rodarte comes out this round leading with a jab and Taylor answers with a right leg kick. Taylor lands a solid liver kick. Then Taylor lands a inside leg kick. Both fighters exchange in the center for a moment. Rodarte lands a straight right. Taylor with another hard leg kick landed, but Rodarte lands solid body punch. Rodarte is landing combo after combo towards the end of the round.

Round 2: Rodarte

Round 3:

Rodarte throws a body kick that was blocked by Taylor. Rodarte lands a straight right and both fighters clinch up against the cage. Rodarte rocks Taylor sending him down to the mat, but Taylor gets back up and throws a knee, slips and Rodarte jumps on Taylor landing combos that staggers Taylor. Rodarte just unloading on Taylor.

Round 3: Rodarte

Winner: Ritchie Rodarte (Unanimous Decision: 29-28,29-27, 29-28) New Epic Fighting Champ 155