Epic Fighting 26 Results 9.26.14

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Timothy Molinar               VS          Harrison Wilson

Harrison scores with a early take down and works into side control, Molinar is using the rub guard from his back. Harrison is able to get past and move to full mount, but Molinar tries to get out and gives Harrison his back. Harrison is able to lock in a rear naked choke.
Winner: Harrison Wilson (1:40 secs in 1st round via Rear Naked Choke)


Harlem Dillon VS Andreu Mendoza

Both fighters come out fast and furious. Dillon is quickly looking for that take down attempt, but Mendoza is able to defend it off. Mendoza is able to push Dillon against with a fury of punches. Dillion is able to score a take down of his own, but Mendoza gets back to his feet quickly. Mendoza hits Dillon hard with a uppercut that staggers him.
Round 1: Mendoza

Both fighters come out looking to end the fight, Mendoza goes for a shoot; however is caught in a choke that Dillon lets go. Mendoza comes back and hits Dillon with a hard body shot. Mendoza rocks Dillon against the cage and takes him down. Both fighters back to there feet. Dillon is able to lock in a d’arce choke attempt when he avoid another take down attempt from Mendoza. He was able to roll and get to a mounted position holding on to the choke.

Winner: Harlem Dillon (via reverse guillotine in the 2nd round)


Carlos Cortez       VS        Jacob Sandoval


Both fighters come out touching gloves. Cortez comes out wanting to pressure the fight by throwing some early leg kicks. But Sandoval is able to catch one and score a take down and was able to get his back and then landed some ground and pound attempts.
Round 1: Jacob Sandoval
Sandoval scores a take down after he avoided a spinning back kick attempt from Cortez. Sandoval is able to switch to Cortez back into side control as he lands some punches to Cortez and is able to wrap his legs around Cortez waist and apply a rear naked choke, but the bell rang.
Round 2: Jacob Sandoval
Sandoval with another take down and is working for control this round as Cortez is trying to use the cage to get back to his feet. Sandoval trying to finish the fight from the ground with some ground and pound. Cortez is able to get back to his feet, but gets dropped as he bell rings.
Winner: Jacob Sandoval (Unanimous Decision 30-26 , 30-26, 30-26)

Joshua Marer      VS     Christian Leon


Leon comes out landing some hard leg kicks, but Marer is handling it and throwing his own kicks right back. Leon hits a solid left that staggers Marer and then Leon hits a liver kick to the left side of Marer.
Winner: Christian Marer (via strikes at 1:22 secs in the 1st RD)

Joseph Williams      VS       Jefferson Creighton

Williams is able to score a leg sweep, but Creighton is able to roll to the top. Only for Williams to get taken over by Creighton who then was able to avoid being taking down. Creighton gets Williams up against the cgae and almost has a near standing gullitone, but then nails a knee to the chest of Williams. However Williams scores a take down and grabs the arm of Creighton and goes for a kimora. Williams rolls with the kimora locked in and was able to lock it in as Creighton taps.
Winner: Joseph Williams (via Kimora 1st RD 1:50 secs)

Diego Rivera VS Peter Pellerito


Rivera pushes Pellerito up against the cage as they work for position. Rivera was able to score the early take down. Rivera landing some heavy punches from the top position. Pellerito attempted to get back to his feet, but was quickly taken back down to the mat.
Round 1: Diego Rivera
Rivera lands a solid leg kick to start the round. Pellerito is able to score a takedown of his own on Rivera. Rivera switches and gains top position on Pellerito hitting hammer fists to the body of Pellerito. Rivera just continue to rain down some heavy punches from the top to end the fight.
Winner: Diego Rivera (2nd Rd via strikes)
Kai Damico VS Robert Marsters
Damico starts the fight off with a push kick attempt to test the distance. Marsters hits a left and then a right body kick that is counted with a right from Damico. Marsters pressures Damico against the cage and lands a hard uppercut against the cage. Marsters lands a high right leg kick to Damico.
Round 1: Robert Marsters

Damico attempted a flying superman punch, but got twisted and missed. Damico hits a right hook, but Marsters is able to push him back towards the cage with a right. Marsters continues to land kicks to the body.
Round 2: Robert Marsters

Damico comes out throwing as both fighters exchange on the near cage, then the go back to the other side just exchanging with Marsters getting the better of the shots landing clean body shots over and over again.

Winner: Robert Marsters ( via ref stoppage due to strikes in the 3rd round)

Ricardo Lopez    VS    Daniel Thompkins
Lopez comes in hits a left to the side of the head of Thompkins and followed that right up with a right hook with a uppercut followed and put him down. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: Ricardo Lopez (1st round ref stoppage Via strikes)


Anthony Peairs vs Alex Trinidad

Pearis went for a haymaker right off the start. Trinidad went for a early body kick that was cuaght by Pearis and quickly took Trinidad down to the mat. Trinidad was looking for a kimora from his back and was able to use that as a way to get half away back to his feet and take top position on Pearis. Trinidad is able to get his back and hit him with a punches and then rolled to the top and hit some ground and pound.
Winner: Alex Trinidad (via ref stoppage 1st RD Strikes)

Adrian Gonzalez    VS      Michael Thomas

Thomas comes out hitting a low right leg kick. Gonzalez scores a take down after he avoided a pressuring Thomas. Gonzalez tries to posture up over Thomas guard, but Thomas is able to get back to his feet up against the cage as Gonzalez is still controling the fight against the cage.
Round 1: Adrian Gonzalez

Thomas comes out hitting the low leg kick to the calf. Gonzalez hits a hard body kick and then a left hook. Gonzalez scores with another take down. Gonzalez trying to work from the top with some body punches, while Thomas guard is really good from his back.
Round 2: Adrian Gonzalez
Gonzalez this round is just trying to wear down Thomas against the cage. There was a exchange towards the end of the round.
Round 3: Adrian Gonzalez
Winner: Adrian Gonzalez ( via unanimous descision; 29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


Jacquelyn Vandenburgh Vs Melissa Rivera

Rivera comes out throwing bombs at Vandenburgh and pushes it the cage. Rivera scores a take down and quickly grabs Vandenburgh back and locks in a body triangle. Rivera spun to the top to mount position as time ran out.
Round 1: Melissa Rivera
Vandenburgh scores a take down to start the round, rebounding from the round prior. Grabs Rivera’s back and submits her with a rear naked choke.
Winner: Jacquelyn Vandenburgh (2nd RD submission rear naked choke)


Bruce Smith Vs Ryan Lilley

Lilley knocked a off balance Smith down with a right. Smith grapples with Lilley against the cage and pins him up and throwing left hands to Lilley. Smith just avoids a right from Lilley and lands a over hand right. Smith scores a take down, but Lilley is able to sprawl back up to the top and reverse Smith against the cage.
Round 1: Smith
Lilley comes out with a lead leg kick to the left leg of Smith. Lilley fought for a take down attempt by body slamming Smith. But Smith is able to brace and reverse to top position with full mount and attempting at a arm bar, but Lilley gav his back to Smith who locks in the double hooks and is trying to flatten Lilley out. Smith is landing some punches from the top on Lilley’s back. Lilley finally was able to rotate out and get top position, only for Smith to grab a arm to try to hook another arm bar attempt as the round ended.
Round 2: Bruce Smith

Smith fainted with a jab and shot in for a double , which is was able to score with ease. Smith moves into side control. Lilley is fighting hard for a standing Gullitone, but Smith was able to finally free himself and go back to the center. Smith with a huge slam to Lilley and gets Lilley’s back.
Round 3: Bruce Smith
Winner: Bruce Smith (Unanimous descision; 30-27, 30-27, 30-27)





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