Epic Fighting 26 Recap

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Epic Fighting 26


Sept 26, 2014 at the Four Points Sheraton In San Diego

    First we would like to thank Jason Stewart and the entire Epic Family for giving us the opportunity to cover the event and many more in the near future.


Despite a slow start to the event we quickly got a taste of why Epic Fighting continues to grow to the top in amateur mma. With the music bumping in the arena, pumping up the crowd for the event, we got twelve electric fights on this card. Headlined by Bruce “Swift” Smith who is trained by Chris “The Crippler” Leben but, wasn’t the main story of the night. What stole the show was a group of amateur mma athletes out of The Arena MMA: San Diego. They walked into Epic Fighting with their record of 19-0. They faced a young kid from Carlson Gracie Temecula named Joseph Williams who stopped his opponent from The Arena Jefferson Creighton via Kimura. This fight was a unique one, something we have always said was if you are a striker stand up against Gracie students. Joseph felt at home on his back and it showed when he hooked in the sub for the victory which now turned the 19-0 to 19-1! Becoming the STOPPER to The Arena MMA.


The Arena MMA, if anyone has been following mix martial arts will understand where we are about to go with this, they are the MMA version of what Art Of Eight is to the Muay Thai world right now. If you want to become a FAMILY, grow as FIGHTERS these are the two best places in San Diego to learn from. They are continuing to put out the best athletes. No knock to the other schools out there, its just that when you look at the caliber of fighters you understand why.


Another fighter by the name Chris Leon from The Arena MMA is quickly rising in the ranks improving to a record of 2-0 with two dramatic finishes. Everyone always says don’t leave it in the judges hands and Chris will not allow that to happen as he quickly finished Joshua Marer with a liver kick. If anyone knows what that feels like its not something for the weak, it will make you feel like throwing up for a while. Chris Leon was on Inside MMA on Axs TV for knockout of the night awhile back, this could be number 2.  

A couple of other memorable fights were Diego “Crazy Eyes” Rivera taking on Peter Pellerito from Black House Nogueira. Diego was able to finish Peter Pellerito via TKO Punches. Diego after the fight said “Every time I raised my arm, god guided my arm with the power of thunder” Yes, Yes he did because those were some of the hardest punches of the night. Then you have the Main Event of the evening with the highly talented Bruce “Swift” Smith who won his fight against Ryan Lilley via Unanimous decision. Bruce was able to do enough and get the Win but his cardio looked like it needed work, maybe it was because of the missed weight cut. We’re not sure, however he controlled the fight. Overall a great night of fights and action. Next Epic Fight is November 14, 2014 at the Four Points Sheraton in San Diego.

You will not want to miss this card because it is expected to have Devin Taylor on this card going after a world title. His fights are always a must see. To see Full Results check out www.ducrossbrothers.com

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