“eat the little rabbits”-Al-Selawe

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BRAVE CF Welterweight title picture deepens as contenders trade barbs with Al-Selawe

BRAVE Combat Federation’s Welterweight is one of the most stacked divisions in the company’s overall roster and 2020 will be a year to keep a close eye as several contenders rise to challenge world champion Jarrah Al-Selawe. And it looks like several rivalries are shaping up as top contenders Khamzat Chimaev and Carl Booth look to get a fight against Al-Selawe.

Through social media profiles, the Englishman and the Swede have been trash-talking “The Jordanian Lion”, who has roared back, indicating that next year will be a busy one for the world champ.
Chimaev started the proceedings, by claiming Jarrah is “too scared to fight him one on one”, and suggesting maybe Al-Selawe and Booth could team up to try and beat him. “The Bomber” Booth has bit back, saying he would be “happy to whack Chimaev’s chin”, but that he was on a mission for the belt first.
Al-Selawe then said “The Jordanian Lion” would “eat the little rabbits”, referencing both Booth and Chimaev, to which Khamzat laughed and said the “chicken is back”. Jarrah then warned Chimaev he wouldn’t laugh when he was getting his face smashed in.
While there has been no official word from BRAVE CF as to who will be the next challenger for Al-Selawe, he and Chimaev did face off right after BRAVE CF 27, when Jarrah took the title back from Abdoul Abdouraguimov and Khamzat beat a game Mzwandile Hlongwa.
Meanwhile, Booth has emerged as a possible title contender with yet another dominant victory, in the main event of BRAVE CF 32, when he took over against Hayder Hassan and beat him convincingly