Dan Henderson’s FN 15-Results

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Dan Henderson’s Fight Night 15 


Dan Henderson’s Fight Night happened on Saturday, March 9th. It would have been the 15th show. They’re 11 fights, two title fights for the vacant lightweight title and the vacant featherweight title. The main event was Omar Riyadh vs Eric Leandro. This matchup poses it interesting combination. Omar had two finishes coming in on his home turf, where Eric was coming off a submission of Fight Night 14. Previously, Eric had won five straight times. Most notably, he was all on the Gladiator challenge, so please hold for judgment. Then the Co main event was Alex Ogaz versus Nate Jarquin. Alex was coming off a knockout by Michael Burke at LXF and Jarquin was coming off 2 submission victory at Epic Fighting 52 and 54. 

The night kicked off with prelims that showcased six fights and five of those six fights ended, all by finishes. We had TKO due to unanswered strikes. We had a submission choke and then we had a solid right hand that just knocked out a guy named Robert Hampton Junior by Jared Turner. Couple names to highlight in the prelims was Ray Welsher, who reminded me of a younger version hyped up O’Malley, who finished his fight against Isaac Diaz -Garcia via TKO, unanswered in the third round. We had Mikhail Markovich fight end in the second round, submission choke. 


Dan Henderson matchmaking was done by Matt Padilla, which was an incredible feat because Matt’s been doing this for the last five shows of Dan Henderson. And for him to have matchmaking and a guide and a playbook, it showed here tonight because in the main card we had. Huge heavy hitters coming in. With two titles on the line, Fight of the Night possibilities. And then we also had a 6-minute ADC rules match. Come on, who does that? 

We did have one slight controversy that came out of the main card, which had Ali AlBazi versus Trevon Stubbs.  When I was watching this fight, I could have seen it gone either way for Ali or for Trevon. But what’s interesting about this fight was that I had Ali winning 29 to 28. Where the judges scored this fight 29-28, 30 to 27. Because of this, they awarded the win to Trevon Stubbs. This is the one thing that I thought was mistakenly wrong, that Ali won at least the first round. The second round could have gone either way. Third round was all Ali. 

Congratulations to Omar Riyadh for becoming the new Lightweight champion for Dan Henderson’s Fight Night. Then we got to tip our cap to Alex Ogaz who captured the featherweight title.  

Overall, this was a huge win for Dan Henderson’s gym for putting on the 15th show and for Matt Padilla being able to put on such an incredible show. From top to bottom. The presentation was on point from the cameras to being in house. Everything was pristine. Nice to see that they’re taking this incredible event to another standard and stepping it up another notch. Can’t ask for much more when you’re trying to build a brand, so good job on that. 


Spencer Moreno Vs Nathan Parker (Spencer, Wins 2nd TKO unanswered) 

Ikel Jimenez vs Jaden Longoria (Longoria, Wins 2nd TKO unanswered) 

Isaac Diaz-Garcia vs Ray Welsher (Welsher, Wins 3rd TKO Unanswered) 

Jaime Nunez vs Mikhail Markovich (Markovich, 2nd submission) 

Joshua Hotta vs Omar Ahmed (Ahmed, UD 30-27) 

Trevon Stubbs vs Ali Albazi (Stubbs, Split Decision – 29/28,30/27) 

Djavan Coleman vs Andy Kim in a ADCC Rules match, Coleman won via D’Arce Choke 

Cody Warner vs Preston Wiechart (Warner, 2nd Tap to Strikes) 

Jon Brumley vs David Morales (Morales, UD 29-28) 

Jarred Turner vs Robert Hampton Jr (Turner, 1st Rd KO) 


Vacant Featherweight Title 

Alex Ogaz vs Nate Jarquin (#ANDNEW OGAZ via Decision) 

Vacant Lightweight Title 

Omar Riyadh vs Eric Leandro (#ANDNEW Riyadh via Decision)