Combate Americas 11 PBP Results

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Combate Americas

Mix Martial Arts

Burbank Events Center Burbank, CA

February 16, 2017

Burbank, CA – The Sports Warriors (Shaun and Tristen) attended Combate Americas 11. The main event featured Danny Ramirez and Erick Gonzalez in a slug fest for the ages. That wasn’t without a little controversy in the arena as to who should have won the fight. It was a great turn out for the event after the original main event didn’t go down to Kyra Batara not making weight. However Combate Americas still put on a stellar show for the combat faithfuls.



Lightweight: Javier Garcia (1-0) vs Donte Stubbs (Pro Debut)

RD 1: Stubbs comes out the aggressor of the two fighters and throws a left leg kick that was caught by Garcia. Garcia was able to put Stubbs on his back right away. Stubbs threw an illegal strike that he was deducted a point for. Garcia was able to keep the fight on the ground most of the round.

RD 1: Garcia

RD 2: Stubbs with a kick to the inner thigh of Garcia. Garcia shot in and Stubbs was able to prevent the first attempt. However, Garcia was able to get the take down on Stubbs, as he is able to get a rear naked choke attempt. Stubbs was able to roll over, however Garcia is able to get into full mount and land some heavy strikes, only for Stubbs to be able to buck Garcia off that allowed him to get into the guard of Garcia on top. Stubbs from inside Garcia guard he is able to land a few short elbows. Stubbs attempted to take the back of Stubbs, only for Garcia to receive it and get back into top control into the guard of Stubbs. Garcia was able to get into full mount as the round ends and he drops an elbow.

RD 2: Garcia

RD 3: Stubbs shoots in for his first take down attempt of the fight and quickly found himself on the wrong position as Garcia had a leg triangle around Stubbs head and then quickly transition to Stubbs back where he got the neck and pulled back locking in the RNC. Ref calls a stop to the fight in the 3rd rd due to submission.

Winner: Javier Garcia (via Rear Naked Choke :50 secs in the 3rd RD)


Lightweight: Izic Fernandez (2-2) vs Rudy Morales (3-4)

RD 1: Both fighters come out this round as they are both feeling out the distance. Fernandez shoots on on Morales as he’s able to get him against the cage, however Fernandez is able to reverse off the cage and take it back to the center. Morales lands a few hard strike exchange and gets Fernandez to the cage where he clinches and lands a straight elbow then followed up with a muay thai clinch where he lands a sold knee. Fernandez fires off a couple good strikes, but again Morales is able to get into the clinch and land solid knee strikes.

RD 1: Morales

RD 2: Morales comes out looking the more comfortable of the 2 fighters this round as he asks Fernandez to come to him. Fernandez lands a good straight left; Morales comes right back with a high head kick that was partially blocked. Morales pops off 2 counter right hands as Fernandez was pushing forward. Morales lands a solid left kick to the body that stung Fernandez towards the end of the rd.

RD 2: Morales

RD 3: Fernandez is trying to keep Morales at bay this round by using his leg kicks basically as jabs to keep the distance Morales with a sold kick to the outside leg of Fernandez. Fernandez throws 2 switch kicks that both were blocked by Morales. Fernandez connects low on Morales, pause in the action. Fight resumes. Morales lands another solid knee to the sternum of Fernandez.

RD 3: Morales

Winner: Rudy Morales (via Unanimous Decision 30-27)

Featherweight: Erick Sanchez (7-2) vs Andres Quintana (9-2)

RD 1: Sanchez and Quintana both exchange early. It’s Sanchez that is able to get the positioning as he’s able to get Quintana against the cage. Sanchez just misses an over hand right. Quintana with a knee to the sternum of Sanchez. Both fighters exchange a few low leg kicks. Quintana lands a nice 1-2 combo. Quintana just lend back out of the way of an over hand right. Sanchez lands a hard left hook that stuns Quintana, until Quintana throws a flying knee that grazes Sanchez at the end of round.

RD 1: Quintana

RD 2: Sanchez lands a straight right to the body, as Quintana was taunting. Quintana going down to the body with a couple straight punches to the mid-section of Sanchez. Sanchez lands a good right hook to the body and lands a good over hand right. Sanchez lands an uppercut to the body and then follows it up with another overhand right that lands.

RD 2: Quintana (The Sports Warriors had this round to Sanchez)

RD 3: Sanchez lands a hard right leg kick to Quintana. Sanchez lands a lunging left hand that sends Quintana to the cage as Sanchez lands another right. Quintana attempts a back elbow that was blocked by Sanchez. Sanchez connects another right hand. Sanchez starting to find a home this round with his jab. Sanchez liking his left hook followed with an over hand right as it connects. Quintana lands a solid right cross.

RD 3: Sanchez

Winner: Andres Quintana (via Unanimous Decision 29-28)

  • The Sports Warriors scored the fight 29-28 Unanimous Decision in favor of Erick Sanchez


Co Main Event Lightweight: Jose Estrada (2-0) vs George Hernandez (4-3)

RD 1: Both fighters come out throwing wildly, which allow Hernandez to clinch and push the fight to the cage. Estrada is able to push Hernandez away as he pulls himself off the cage. Hernandez was able to grab the arm of Estrada into a kimura and pull Estrada to the mat only for Estrada to escape the hold, get to the top position as he worked his way to Hernandez’s back to lock in a RNC. Ref calls a stop to the fight due to submission.

Winner: Jorge Estrada (via RNC Submission 2:09 in the 1st RD)


Main Event Lightweight: Danny Ramirez (5-2) vs Erick Gonzalez (5-1)

RD 1: Ramirez quickly drops Gonzalez as he’s able to get back up to his feet quickly, only for Ramirez to drop him again and posture up into a slam. Both fighters are back to their feet up against the cage. Ramirez gets another takedown and is able to get the back while he lands some good shots. Both fighters again back to their feet, however Gonzalez pulls guard and brings the fight back to the mat. Ramirez continues his relentless pressure from the top position. Gonzalez is able to get back to his feet, only for Ramirez to take him down again against the cage. Gonzalez, has no answer for Ramirez take down ability.

RD 1: Ramirez

RD 2: Gonzalez lands a solid right that send Ramirez towards the cage and was able to defend a takedown attempt from Ramirez. Gonzalez clinches and moves Ramirez toward the cage for control, the fighters back to the center. Ramirez gets rocked with a right and left combo, which allows for Gonzalez to shoot for the takedown and gets it. Gonzalez is able to get the back of Ramirez, ala a little high up on the back, which allows for Ramirez to reverse the posture and end up in the top position of the guard of Gonzalez. Both fighters back to their feet. Both fighters gas tank is starting to empty as these two guys continue to lay it all out there. Ramirez scores a takedown. Both fighters exchange at the end of the round.

RD 2: Gonzalez

RD 3: Ramirez with another takedown, is having a rough time passing Gonzalez guard to have effective strikes from the top. Now both fighters are back to their feet. Ramirez lands a hard right leg kick to the left leg of Gonzalez. Gonzalez drops Ramirez with a right elbow and stalks Ramirez down back towards the cage. Gonzalez lands a hard right uppercut that bounces the end back of Ramirez. Ramirez with a takedown. Ramirez with an over hand right that connects, only for Gonzalez to walk right back into the fire as he clinches and lands a knee.

RD 3: Ramirez

Winner: Danny Ramirez (via Unanimous Decision 29-28)

  • Shaun’s notes on the fight: Scored the first round 10-8 for Ramirez and gave the last 2 rounds for Gonzalez. Had the fight a majority draw.
  • Tristen’s notes. He had Ramirez winning the exact same way as the judges did 29-28.



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