BRAVE CF 34 will be a treat for grappling fans

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BRAVE CF 34 will be a treat for grappling fans around the world

BRAVE Nation fans who are into top grapplers battling it out will be in for a real treat at BRAVE CF 34. Zach Makovsky and Velimurad Alkhasov may have transitioned to MMA, but their roots are firmly established in their first disciplines.

Makovsky has earned several honors in wrestling before going to MMA. On the other hand, Alkhasov is known as a world champion in sambo. The two men will feature for BRAVE Combat Federation’s debut show in Slovenia, in a partnership with leading local promotion WFC.
Zach and Velimurad have become well-rounded mixed martial artists and currently train out of two of the best gyms in the world, TriStar and KHK MMA, respectively. But as the January 19th event beckons, both men will look to utilize their best weapons in search of a Flyweight title shot.
Makovsky became a sensation in wrestling from his High School days, captaining his team at the highest level also in college. He then started his transition to MMA, not before securing two world titles in the FILA Grappling World Championships, both in the gi and no-gi, in 2010. Alkhasov has found worldwide success in grappling too, as he became sambo world champion in 2016, before transitioning into MMA.
Both fighters have also found success in MMA, as they have championships in different promotions, and will look to add the biggest prize to their resume – the BRAVE CF Flyweight world championship.

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