The Sports Warriors:  Jimmy Smith, We have a big boxing night coming up on Spike TV with PBC Khan Vs Algieri. If Amir Khan wins, is the writing on the wall that he will be the next in line for Floyd Mayweather?

Jimmy Smith: He’s certainly in the discussion. The factors in his favor are is his intercontinental appeal, his quick hands, and the fact that he’s one of the few big names Floyd hasn’t beaten.

The Sports Warriors: Mayweather’s camp, has mentioned about fighting Khan that it would be an easy fight and would like to do it in September. However, would that happen with Khan due to his beliefs that during September he’ll be fasting, doesn’t drink liquids from dawn to sunset?

Jimmy Smith: He told us Ramadan falls a bit earlier this year, September would be a quick turn-around in any case in Algieri gives him tough rounds.

The Sports Warriors: Does Amir Khan have to win convincingly in order to cement his shot against Mayweather?

Jimmy Smith: Khan has to win convincingly, no doubt about it. The thing to keep in mind is that the PPV-buying public has to be convinced that Khan has the skills to FORCE an exciting fight out of Mayweather. Only a dominant performance over Algieri will show that.

The Sports Warriors: Chris Algieri, is coming off a lost against Manny Pacquiao. He’s moving up in weight for this fight. Is Algieri out matched here?

Jimmy Smith: On paper Khan has all of the advantages over Algieri, period. Chris has to fight a perfect fight to win, he has no margin for error.

The Sports Warriors: Algieri’s camp is talking about Khan having a suspent chin, but which fighter really does? Last time Algieri was knocked down 6 times in his fight against PacMan.

Jimmy Smith: Algieri was knocked down 6 times by Pac-Man and twice by Ruslan Provodnikov, but he’s gotten up every time while Khan has been finished twice. The chin debate is up in the air as far as I am concerned.

The Sports Warriors: The fight before the main event Fortuna vs Vasquez is expected to be a banger as these 2 guys have KO power. Can they expect just that?

Jimmy Smith: I expect a WAR in Fortuna vs Vasquez. Both guys are aggressive and love to throw reckless shots. Lots of pride on the line for this fight.

The Sports Warriors: Since the Mayweather vs PacMan fight, then Canelo vs Kirkland, Is there a buzz back in boxing that has been missing?

Jimmy Smith: There certainly is. People are talking about the sport more and more. What promoters need to do is keep the buzz fed with great, competitive fights. That will keep the fans interested.