Bellator MMA 131 Results

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Ortiz vs Bonnar

Bellator MMA 131

November 15th, 2014

Valley View Casino Center – San Diego, CA


King Mo vs Joe Vedepo  

Round 1:

Vedepo comes out pushes the fight. King Mo scores a double leg takedown and working to pass the guard of Vedepo. Vedepo gives Mo his back and Mo hits him with a couple of lefts to the side of the head, then its back to the top position for Mo as he tries to rain down some ground and pound. Mo’s able to move to side control and unleash his right hand. Mo continues to do damage to Vedepo from the top position. Mom lets Vedepo get to his knees just to punch him in the right side of his face, Vedepo gives his back to Mo; however Mo is able to take down Vedepo with a hard slam at the end of the bell.

Round 1: King Mo

Round 2:

Vedepo comes out right away swinging wildly and Mo side steps, which allows Mo to score the early takedown , but Vedepo grabbed Mo’s arm and tried to grab Kimura. But Mo and Vedepo are both are back to their feet. Mo scores a takedown again on Vedepo and is working the ground and pound as he hits hammer fists. But Vedepo is doing well with using his guard and Mo stands back up looking for a opening. Vedepo goes to get back up, but Mo takes him down on the mat and again connects some punches and moves to the side control where he nailed a knee.

Round 2: King Mo

Round 3:

Mo lands a right and left combo that knocks down Vedepo. Mo then unleashes in the near corner from the cage. Vedepo tries to takedown Mo, only for Mo to step back and let him back up then take him down and unload more punches as Vedepo gave up his back as Mo continue to throw punches. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: King Mo (3rd round, TKO)


Mike Richman vs Nam Phan

Round 1:

Both fighters exchanged on the near side. Richman rocks Phan with a right that sent him down to the mat, Phan gets back up and Richman lands a kick to the lead leg. Phan moves back towards the cage where Richman lands a clean body punch that hurts Phan and Richman capitalizes on it and he hits 2 clean rights that stops Phan.

Winner: Mike Richman (1st round KO)


Melvin Manhoef vs Joe Schilling

Round 1:

Schilling lands a body kick and Manhoef follows up with a leg kick of his own. Manhoef misses with a overhand right. Manhoef slipped and Schilling grabs him the clinch and was using his shoulder to hit Manhoef against the cage. Manhoef nails a left hook that sends Schilling to the mat and Manhoef just attacks and unloads on Schilling, but Schilling is able to recover. Manhoef is having a tough time trying to pass the guard of Schilling; however Schilling hits a couple of elbows to Manhoef’s head from the back. Ref stands up both fighters. Schilling lands a hard body kick. Schilling hits a right then a uppercut, then clinches and nails a knee.

Round 1: Manhoef

Round 2:

Schilling comes out this round and does a push kick. Then he hit Manhoef with a left that staggered him back towards the cage and then unloads with a couple of combinations and a knee in a clinch, Manhoef backs out of it and throws a left hook followed with a right. Then Schilling nails him with a right hook right on the chin that sends Manhoef to the mat and out on impact.

Winner: Joe Schilling (2nd round KO)

Will Brooks vs Michael Chandler

Round 1:

Brooks connects on a inside leg kick. Chandler tries for a single, but is blocked by Brooks and Chandler walks him to the cage. Brooks gives up his back to Chandler and Chandler was working for a kimura, but Brooks is able to shake him off and return to his feet. Brooks with a inside leg kick. Brooks with a nice right and another nice inside leg kick that nearly kicks out the leg of Chandler. Chandler with a nice kick of his own to the left leg of Brooks. Brooks is starting to find a home for his left jab and his inside leg kick to Chandler’s left leg.

Round 1: Chandler

Round 2:

Brooks comes out and throws a left body kick and follows with a push kick, that Chandler is able to avoid. Brooks nails a knee to the stomach area of Chandler. Chandler was able to push forward and attempt a takedown that is blocked by Brooks, but uses it to get Brooks to the cage. Chandler is grinding Brooks on the cage. Brooks connects with a spinning back kick. Brooks misses a spinning back kick and Chandler quickly goes in for the takedown, but Brooks sprawls and then they both exchange in the clinch as Brooks gets rocked, but is able to recover a bit. Brooks tries for a takedown of his own, but Chandler catches him in a guillotine that was deep. Brooks tags Chandler with 2 back to back rights.

Round 1: Chandler

Round 3:

Chandler just missed with a 1-2. Chandler lands a body kick and throws a right followed by a  double leg takedown attempt that is blocked by Brooks. So Chandler uses it to move Brooks against the cage again as he grinds on Brooks. Both fighters back off the cage. Brooks clinches with Chandler against the cage. Brooks hits a left to the head of Chandler inside the clinch. Chandler gives up his back to Brooks as he tries to get the double hooks in, but Chandler stands up and Brooks slides right off.

Round 3: Brooks

Round 4:

Brooks comes out using his jab and pawing at Chandler. Brooks lands a lunging left to Chandler. Chandler attempts a jumping knee that doesn’t really connect. Chandler misses wildly with a overhand right. Chandler misses a kick attempt and Brooks shoots for the takedown, Chandler quickly gives up his back to Brooks. Both fighters emerge back to there feet as Chandler hits a mild spinning back fist. Brooks staggers Chandler with a right and Chandler puts his hands up like something illegal just happened, the ref lets it go and then Brooks just unleashed on Chandler with left and right combinations followed with a knee to Chandler had and then a elbow. Ref stops th fight.

Winner: Will Brooks (3:48 4th round, TKO due to Strikes) Now the New Lightweight Champ

Tito Ortiz vs Stephan Bonnar

Round 1:

Ortiz comes and clinches. Inside the clinch nails a solid knee. Ortiz scores with an early takedown and Bonnar is able to get back to his feet quickly. Ortiz is grinding Bonnar against the cage. Bonnar and Ortiz exchange knees within the clinch against the cage.

Bonnar connects with a left hook combo. Ortiz faints with a left and shoots for the takedown attempt that Bonnar is able to avoid. Bonnar nails a solid left. Ortiz with a right leg kick. Bonnar lands another combo. Bonnar lands another right. Ortiz scores a takedown towards the end of the round.

Round : 1 Bonnar

Round 2:

Ortiz attempts a takedown and Bonnar avoids the attempt. Bonnar with another good combo of punches are put together. Ortiz scores the takedown and grabs Bonnar’s back, but Bonnar is able to get back up and is hit with a solid body punch to  Bonnar’s ribs that stung a little. Bonnar lands a straight right followed it up with a left. Ortiz is able to counter with a right of his own. Both fighters exchange a good flurry in the center. Ortiz gets the takedown and throws  some solid rights from the side as the round ends.

Round 2: Ortiz

Round 3:

Bonnar comes out leading with his jab. Both fighters exchange some good shots. Ortiz  scores with another takedown as he holds the position on the ground. Both fighters are back up on there feet. Ortiz attempts a leg kick that is caught by Bonnar and throws a left right combo, but Ortiz is able to counter with a right cross. Bonnar with another left, right, left combo . Ortiz is starting to pour it all here late as he hits a good combo of his own and nails a solid knee towards the end of the round.

Round 3: DRAW

Winner: Tito Ortiz (Split Decision: 30-27 Ortiz, 30-27 Ortiz, 28-29 Bonnar)

* * Home scores below for this fight were done by Shaun,  Tristen and Shaun’s wife Fallen as follows. Just because of all the talk surrounding this fight we wanted to show just how close we scored it.

Shaun had it : 29-29, seeing it as a DRAW. He gave the 1st round to Bonnar a, 2nd Round to Ortiz and the final round he gave it a  DRAW.

Tristen had it: 29-28, seeing it for Tito Ortiz. He gave the 1st  round to Bonnar, 2nd round to Ortiz and the final round for Ortiz.

Fallen had it: 28-29, seeing it for Bonnar.  She gave the 1st round to Bonnar, 2nd round to Ortiz and the final round to Bonnar.

So, as you can see from our judging it. This fight was a lot closer than what  people actually think.