Bellator MMA 127 Results From Pechanga Casino and Resort

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Straus Vs Wilcox Bellator 127

Oct. 3, 2014

Bellator MMA arrived last night at Pechanga Casino and Resort as Daniel Straus was returning to the Octagon after his recent defeat to take on Justin “The Silverback” Wilcox.  Coming into the fight Daniel Straus vowed not just to beat Wilcox; however that he would end the fight and he did just that, stopping Wilcox in the first round via Knockout.

In the Co-Main Event , featured a returning Karo Parisyan vs a home town boy from Menifee, CA Fernando Gonzalez. Fernando Gonzalez made quick work of Karo Parisyan as the ref called a stop to the fight at 1:43 in the first round due to strikes after he landed a hard uppercut.

A guy that stood out on the card that you have to be on the look out for in the future is “The African Assassin” Sokoudjou he won via TKO in the second round over Malik Merad. Sokoudjou showcased a strong leg kick and a very impressive ground and pound. Can’t forget that Kendall Grove took on Christian M’Pumbu (M’Pumbu was making his debut at Middleweight), Christian looked good early, but ultimately Grove’s stand up was better and he showed what it was like to be the Vet in the octagon.




FRI. Oct. 3





Christian M’Pumbu (middleweight debut) vs Kendall Grove

Round 1:

Grove drops M’Pumbu with a straight right in the first few seconds of the fight and quickly jumps on the attack. Both fighters are up to their feet, but Grove is working for M’Pumbu’s back. M’Pumbu is able to reverse. Both fighters are positioning themselves up against the cage as both just keep switching positions against the cage. Both fighters back to the middle and Grove is pressuring the fight. Grove went for a take down attempt, but was blocked by M’Pumbu. Grove using his jab to set the distance.

RD 1: Kendall Grove


Round 2:

Both fighters come out this round a little more aggressive. M’Pumbu is looking a little more comfortable on his feet this round as he’s letting his hands go a little more, Grove hits a right. Grove is pushing the round again as he doubled up on M’Pumbu. Grove lands a high head kick that was partially blocked. M’Pumbu stopped a take down attempt from Grove. Grove scores a single leg take down. Grove working on the ground and is able to get M’Pumbu’s back and scores the RNC.


Winner: Kendall Grove (via Rear Naked Choke in the 2nd rd 4:14)


Rafael Silva  vs Rob Emerson


Round 1:

Silva missed a spinning back kick attempt to start the fight.  Silva lands a over hand right to Emerson. Silva rocks Emerson with a left jab followed by a right hand straight down the pipe that knocks Emerson to the mat. Silva on top of Emerson as he hits left hooks to the body.Ref stands both fighters back up. Emerson lands a right leg kick, Silva shakes it off as he taps his left leg after the kick. Silva shoots and scores a take down and Emerson is trying to use the cage to walk up, but Silva grabs Emerson’s back and goes for a RNC. Emerson is able to defend it off and Silva goes to top position, Emerson uses the cage to get half way up, but only to be taken back down to the mat.

RD 1:  Rafael Silva


Round 2:

Emerson comes out hitting a lead leg kick, and followed it up with a left that was counter by Silva with a right. Silva lands a hard leg kick and then shoots for the take down as he picks up Emerson ran him towards the cage and drops Emerson to the mat. Silva working to get to Emerson’s back, Emerson is able to use the cage again to get up off the mat. However Silva quickly puts him back down to the mat. Ref stands the fighters up. Emerson hits a left hook. Emerson rocks Silva with a right and tries to jump on top, but Silva quickly recovers and is able to take down Emerson.

RD 2: Rafael Silva


Round 3:

Silva shoots for another take down attempt, its defended briefly by Emerson up against the cage. But Silva eventually scores the take down. Emerson uses the cage as he’s back to his feet and hits a right. Emerson sprawls to avoid the first take down attempt, but Silva scores the single leg again. Silva continues to do nothing from the top position, so the ref stands up both fighters. Silva lands 2  lead jabs. Emerson lands a solid leg kick after he faint with his left and follows back up with another solid leg kick. Another take down for Silva.

RD 3: Rafael Silva


Winner: Rafael Silva (via unanimous decision; 30-27, 29-28,29-28)


Fernando Gonzalez  vs  Karo Parisyan


Round 1:

Parisyan, just missed a take down attempt. Gonzalez hits Parisyan with a uppercut that sends Parisyan down to the mat and Gonzalez is landing shot after shot from the top. Parisyan tries to avoid the punches, but Gonzalez was able to get on the side control and landed left hand shots to the side of the head and that was it as the ref stops the fight.


Winner: Fernando “The Maniac” Gonzalez (via TKO due to strikes 1:43 1st RD)


Justin Wilcox  vs  Daniel Straus

Round 1:

Wilcox clips Straus with a right hook. But Straus was able to keep his ground and moves back towards the center and hits Wilcox with a left hook that sends Wilcox to the ground and Straus jumps on Wilcox with hammer fists to end the fight.

Winner: Daniel Straus (via KO 1st round)



Justin Baesman vs Johnny Mercurio  – Winner: Justin Baesman via split decision (29-28 (Mercurio), 29-28 (Baesman), 29-28 (Baesman)

Johnny Cisneros  vs Ricky Rainey – Winner: Ricky “The Sniper” Rainey (Via KO 3:18 1st Rd)

Malik Merad  vs Sokoudjou – Winner: Sokoudjou “The African Assassin” (via TKO, 2nd RD)

Keith Berry  vs Joe Pacheco – Winner: Keith Berry (via split decision (29-28 Berry, 29-28 Pacheco, 29-28 Berry)

Sergio Rios  vs  Saad Awad – Winner: Saad Awad (via unanimous decision (30-26,30-27, 30-27)

Nick Moghaddam vs Ray Sloan – Winner: Ray Sloan (via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

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