Bellator 193: Main Card Results

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Bellator 193: Larkin vs Gonzalez


Temecula, CA – Bellator MMA returns to Pechanga Resort and Casino as they break in the brand-new event center called The Summit headlined by Lorenz Larkin as he squares off with Fernando Gonzalez in a catchweight main event.


Jake Smith (Blue Corner) vs Steve Kozola (Red Corner)

RD1:  Smith lands a nice inside leg kick, Kozola walks Smith back towards the cage as he lands a left to the body and an overhand right. Kozola keeps the pressure and they come to the near side of the cage as Kozola lands an overhand right. Smith counters with a right hook as it lands flesh sending Kozola down to the mat as Smith is about to pounce the ref Frank Trigg jumps in and stops the fight in the 1st round.

Winner: Jake Smith (1st rd :57 secs via KO Strikes)


AJ Matthews (Blue Corner) vs Kendall Grove (Red Corner)

RD1: Matthews slips early and lands a counter left that lands. Grove lands a right hand that connects on the back of the ear on Matthews that sent him to the mat early, but Matthews gets back up to his feet. Matthews connects with a left uppercut, but Grove clinches and land a knee followed with a combination. Grove with a right -left and follows it up with a knee up the middle in the clinch.

RD1: Kendall Grove

RD2: Grove starts off the 2nd rd using his jab to establish the distance early, however Matthews fires back with a right hand. Grove slips under Matthews right hand and lands a left hook. Matthews pressuring most of this round as Grove looking for more counter striking this round. Grove and Matthews exchange towards the end of the round.

RD2: AJ Matthews

RD3: Matthews lands an inside leg kick and follows up with an overhand right that glances off Grove’s head. Matthews lands a nice right – left combination as Grove misses his counter shots as Matthews continues to advance forward. Matthew finding a home for his left hook to Grove’s head and then lands a right to the body as he follows it up with a left hook again to the head. Matthews lands a lunging left hook that lands over Grove’s right hand.

RD3: AJ Matthews

Winner: AJ Matthews (via Split Decision 29-28 Matthews, 29-28 Grove, 30-27 Matthews)



JJ Ambrose (Blue Corner) vs Saad Awad (Red Corner)

RD1: Awad is the first to let his hands go as he lands a glancing left hand to Ambrose head. Both fighters are testing out the distance with a various of strikes. Awad lands an overhand left that lands and Ambrose recognizes it as he rubs his left eye. Awad continues to pressure as he moves forward and lands the overhand left. Awad eats a jab from Ambrose as he counters with a right hand. Awad with a hard leg kick to the left outside leg of Ambrose and follows up with a kick to the inside leg kick. Ambrose with the takedown; however, Awad avoids the Ambrose guillotine attempt and get back to his feet.

RD1: Saad Awad

RD2: Awad with his version of the Stockton slap. Awad lands a front kick. Awad takes Ambrose back and take him down, but Ambrose wall walks using the cage. Ambrose working for a kimura using the cage as leverage. There is a scramble as Awad maintains and grab the back of Ambrose as he gets the hooks in and Awad rolls to full mount. Ambrose escapes back to his feet, Awad continues to be the stronger man this round as he yanks Ambrose back down to the mat as he lands knee strikes to the hamstring of Ambrose. Ambrose towards the end of the round was fighting for a submission attempt with a guillotine.

RD2: Saad Awad

RD3: Awad attempts a standing guillotine and pulls guard as a scramble ensues for Ambrose to avoid the takedown. Ambrose ends up in side control and fights off a guillotine attempt from Ambrose as they both get back to their feet up against the far side of the cage. Ambrose scores the takedown. Both fighters get the fight back to their feet and Awad with the takedown. Awad transitions into full mount and switches to the back of Ambrose. Ambrose doing well to defend the rear naked choke attempt from Awad. Ambrose grabs Awad’s left arm for a kimura as he yanks the yank back Awad grabs the inner thigh defending against the attempt.

RD3: Saad Awad

Winner: Saad Awad (via Unanimous Decision 30-27 All Judges)


Main Event: Fernando Gonzalez (Blue Corner) vs Lorenz Larkin (Red Corner)

RD1: Both fighters are respecting each other’s power as they test the distance with a couple of kicks. Larkin lands a head straight right that gets through the guard of Gonzalez. Larkin connects with a hard-right leg kick that lands behind the knee of Gonzalez. Larkin with another solid body kick. Larkin glances a right uppercut off the head of Gonzalez as the bell sounds.

RD1: Lorenz Larkin

RD2: Larkin lands another glancing blow that lands as if Gonzalez doesn’t see it. Larkin comes back with a short elbow that landed. Gonzalez connects with a slapping body kick to the ribs of Larkin. Larkin avoids the lunging punches from Gonzalez. Gonzalez landed an overhand left and missed a right uppercut right behind it. Larkin lands a straight right that sent Gonzalez to the mat briefly.

RD2: Fernando Gonzalez

RD3: Larkin lands a stiff knee to the sternum of Gonzalez. Both fighters continue to paw at each other this round. Larkin is using his jab as he keeps the distance from Gonzalez’ power. Larkin connects with a jumping knee. Larkin staggers Gonzalez with a left hook that sent him back to the cage as Larkin unleashes vicious elbows that breaks open the head of Gonzalez as he continues to land strike after strike until the bell rings.

RD3: Lorenz Larkin

Winner: Lorenz Larkin (via Unanimous Decision 29-28, 30-27)



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