bellator141Temecula, CA – Bellator MMA arrives for the 3rd time this year at Pechanga Resort and Casino. Bellator 141 is headlined by the companies latest signee in Lightweight Melvin Guillard vs Brandon Girtz, in the tale of the stand up guy vs the ground guy. You can’t forget about the co-main event Saad Awad vs Patricky Pitbull.

Scott Coker announces the Bellator: Dynamite light heavyweight tournament bracket:

Emanuel Newton vs Phil Davis

Linton Vassell vs King Mo



Bellator 141: Guillard vs Girtz

Pechanga Resort and Casino Temecula, CA

Fri. Aug. 28

Main Card (Televised on Spike TV)

Melvin Guillard (32-14-2) (@Young__Assassin) vs Brandon Girtz (11-4)(@brandongirtzmma)

Round 1: Fighters come out touch gloves. Girtz lands a left and a right, then slams Guillard down to the mat. Guillard does a good job with getting back to his feet, only for Girtz to score another take down and move into side control. Girtz is connecting with some short elbows from the top. Guillard working hard to defend off Girtz from the side control. Girtz with solid knees to the ribs of Guillard.

Brandon Girtz (10-9)

Round 2: Guillard has swelling to his left eye as it’s nearly closed coming into this round. Guillard with a solid combo. Guillard lands a left, that Girtz counters with a right and hoots in for an explosive take down as he slams Guillard down. Guillard is about to get back to his feet and both fighters are back to the center. Girtz with a nice left hook to the body and follows with an over hand right. Guillard misses with a haymaker and Girtz lands a short right. Guillard struggling to find the distance and rythem. Girtz lands a right cross. Guillard lands a left. Girtz lands another take down, however Guillard is able to get back to his feet. Girtz tags Guillard towards the end of the round with a right.

Brandon Girtz (10-9)

Round 3 Fighters touch gloves. Guillard lands a left, Girtz avoids and shoots for the take down to which he’s able to get with ease. Girtz is able to move into Guillard’s half guard. Guillard defending from his back as he’s landing good short elbows from his back. Guillard connects with a right elbow that lands. Ref stands the fighters up. Guillard clinches and lands a knee. Then lands a right kick to the body and nails a flying knee. Guillard lands a left and follows with a right knee. Guillard tries to score a sweep, only for Girtz to prevent and scores the take down.

Melvin Guillard (10-9)

Winner: Brandon Girtz (via split decision 29-27 Girtz, 29-28 Guillard, 29-27 Girtz)


Patricky Pitbull (13-6) (@PatrickyPitbull) vs Saad Awad (18-6) (@SAADMMA)

Round 1: Both fighters come out trying to cage the distance. Patricky lands a hard right leg kick to Awad, who then follows up with a high left head kick that was partially blocked by Patricky. Awad connects with an inside left leg kick. Patricky blocks a high head kick attempt from Awad Patricky scores with a take down, however Awad is able to get back to his feet. awad with a left hook that was partially blocked, Patricky connects with a flying knee. Awad avoids damage.

Saad Awad (10-9)

Round 2: Awad comes out throwing more leg kicks and connects with a left hook to the face of Patricky. Patricky lands his first combo of the night with a right jab followed with a left hook. Awad lands a left hook and a right cross. Patricky with the take down, Awad is able to pull guard. Patricky working to try to pass the guard of Awad. Patricky stands up and attempts to grab the back of Awad; however Awad is able to get out of it and both fighters back to the center. Awad lands a right cross and a right uppercut, that causes Patricky to lunge in with a short right elbow. Patricky lands a right leg kick to the head of Awad. Awad ends the round with a nice right cross followed with a left jab to end the round.

Patricky Pitbull (10-9)

Round 3: Patricky comes out and lands a right leg kick to Awad’s left leg. Patricky mixes up a combo that staggers Awad back towards the cage, but Awad just shakes it off and moves back to the center. Patricky lands a left and right to the body of Awad. Patricky lands a left hook that lands flesh and then a left hook the hits behind the left ear of Awad. Patricky lands a right and follows it up with a left. Patricky hits a lunging left.

Patricky Pitbull

Winner: Patricky Pitbull (via Unanimous decision 30-27 all judges)


Justin Wren (13-2)(@TheBigPygmy) vs Josh Burns (12-8) (@JoshBurnsMMA)

Round 1: Both guys come out exchanging a flurry of punches early. Wren is able to push Burns back towards the cage fence and working from inside the clinch with a couple of lefts landing. Wren continues to wear down Burns. Ref separates the two. Burns has a cut near the right eye. Wren with a lunging right cross to the body of Burns. Wren lands a hard right cross that staggers Burns a little as it allows Wren to push Burns to the near side. Wren lands 2 knees to Burns face from inside the clinch. Wren lands another knee and Burns tries to exchange with Wren, as Wren avoids his attempt and both fighters move to the center of the cage. Wren is now bleeding from his nose after he took a left and right towards the end of the round.

Justin Wren

Round 2: Bruns pushes Wren to the cage, Wren is able to roll off the cage and get positioning on the cage. Wren connects with a left knee to Burns head and both fighters back to the center. Burns acknowledges the knee and both fighters tap gloves. Wren with another good right cross and Burns connects with a left hook of his own. Wren takes a stiff jab from Wren and then drops his hands and stares down Wren. Wren connects with another left knee and staggers Burns back to the cage. Wren follows up with knee after knee to the body and head of Burns, then clenches and lands another 2. Both fighters back to the center of the cage as Burns is able to weather the storm from Wren. Wren again clinched with Burns against the cage as he unloads another barrage of knees that Burns takes. Bruns fires back with a right cross to Wren.

Justin Wren

Round 3: In between rounds Josh Burns was being looked at by medical. Burns starts the round looking fatigued. Wren thought about shooting in for a take down, but chooses to engage into the clinch and work towards the far side of the cage. Ref separates the two fighters off the cage. Wren with a kick to the inside leg of Burns. Wren with a stiff jab. Wren clinched with Burns and connect with 2 knees. Wren lands a right leg kick and then a right cross. Then both fighters go back to the center and crouch down as they both look at each other. Both fighters exchange a good flurry.

Justin Wren

Winner: Justin Wren (via unanimous decision 30-27, 30-26, 30-26)


Marloes Coenen (22-6) (@MarloesCoenen ) vs Arlene Blencowe (@arleneangerfist) (6-4)

Round 1: Coenen scores with a take down into side control on Blencowe. Blencowe gives up her back Coenen, who continues to work as she’s able to get in the body triangle. Blencowe continues to defend well from her back. Blencowe tries to reserve from her back and Coenen is able to keep Blencowe with her facing towards the mat. Coenen lands some punches from the side control on the back of Blencowe.

Coenen: 10-8

Round 2: Coenen lands a hard leg kick to the left leg of Blencowe that buckles the knee a little bit. Blencowe comes forward and scores another take down on Blencowe, Blencowe is able to power out with a slam. Both fighters back to their feet. Coenen attempts a leg sweep; however Blencowe is able to avoid and force the take down of her own Blencowe stands up and both fighters again back to their feet. Blencowe lands a left followed with a right. Coenen scores with another take down. Coenen is able to catch Blencowe in an arm bar. Blencowe taps.

Winner: Marloes Coenen (2nd rd via submission arm bar, 3:23)


Prelims (Air on

Ilima MacFarlane (@ilimanator) vs Maria Rios: Winner – Ilima MacFarlane via Split Decision (29-28 Rios, 29-28 MacFarlane, 29-28 MacFarlane)

Derek Anderson vs Brent Primus: Winner – Brent Primus via Split Decision (29-28 Primus, 29-28 Primus, 28-29 Anderson)

AJ Matthews (@AJ_MMA) vs Emiliano Sordi (@emilianosordi): Winner – AJ Matthews (1st rd via TKO)