“Are you ready for Tru-Form Entertainment” which were the words echoed by announcer Dave Davis. Tru-Form Entertainment the brain child from former MMA fighter Josh Griggs, who has fought for multiple promotions in and around the San Diego area chose August 22nd to debut his new promotion at the Four Points by Sheraton in San Diego with 3 pro style fights plus 7 amateur fights bringing the total of fights on the card to 10. Josh Griggs (VP) had help with one of the if not the best match maker in the San Diego area, many organizations have reached out to Heather Hyatt for help with matching cards however, with this new promotion and the business model that Josh Griggs has instilled he was able to get Heather Hyatt to join forces with him to help grow a promotion in San Diego, CA that could be the biggest thing since Total Combat (which was set to return only to fizzle) .

When you walked into the Four Points by Sheraton, you got this vibe that something special was going down. As you walk down the halls you notice the fighters standing around mingling with each other talking about life, family.etc this was something that would eventually carry on into the night. As the crowd starts to fill the arena (bingo hall) the buzz starts to ramp up. My brother and I were the first ones in the arena, we were able to check out the ring which was noticeably bigger than an amateur ring that typically goes into this place which was a HEXAGON, inside the ring you had three TFE TITLES laying against the cage with the Tru-Form Entertainment ring girl cards next to them. When you first get a glimpse of the world titles they are not like the TOYS-R-US fake titles these are something fighters should be proud to hold.



Some of the guys that were on the card are the future of the amateur scene. Two guys that have continued to separate themselves from the pack not just in the MMA scene but as well as kick boxing which were Team Arena guys Devin Taylor and Alex Trinidad ( Who will be fighting on Rising Stars at Four Points by Sheraton in SAN DIEGO, CA SEPTEMBER 12TH) both guys got inside the Hexagon Cage for the first time after speaking with The Sports Warriors, feeling a new electricity coursing through their veins even making Devin Taylor get that itch back to step inside a cage again.





If you missed this event than, you missed out on a great debut. From Josh Griggs (Who is a character, interacting with fans, telling stories. Set the feel for the entire event), Heather Hyatt (Match Maker), Carlos Kremer (The Voice of San Diego MMA PBP scene) along his side was Manny Rodriguez and Dave Davis (Announcer) to the Judges (Crail Cris and Big John’s son), Referees ( Jason Herzog and Big John McCarthy) This was the best organized, best ran organization in the county. They are going on the road to Indiana next, then coming back for Camp Pendleton plus the Rising Stars. The Fans were about 500 in attendance making out the venue but it felt like more than that because of the energy in the building.

If you were able to get to this fight then you know exactly what I am talking about. So, many up and coming organizations seem to get lost in their own thoughts of the vision they have for the promotion or the direction it needs to go but, Josh Griggs vision and direction is clear when you see the promotion come to life or the next few fight cards that are already being made as I type this. Tru-Form Entertainment is here to stay in San Diego, CA. TFE will be the premier MMA promotion in SD for Amateur plus Pro as they continue to grow so will the venues. Old cliché “IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME” is evident right now.

Now you get all the lights, music and its SHOWTIME FOLKS. Tru-Form Entertainment starts off the night with 6 amateur fights Baptism Under Fire kicked off with a crazy finish to get the night started that brought the house down with a triangle choke by Julian Baez. All the amateur fights were match made by Heather Hyatt, all 12 kids that were on this card left everything inside the hexagon cage including one that saw an Ammy fighter named Joseph Williams channel his inner superman picked up Ritchie Rodarte ran across the cage with him by far that was the craziest thing you saw all night when fans thought Joseph Williams was going to run right out of the cage with him possibly take him to the Gaslamp district but the cage saved Rodarte. Night was capped off with a determined Sean Loeffler which saw his fight end in seconds due to a knee bar after the fight he vowed that he would make a return to the UFC after his Indiana fight so, we shall see if that holds true. If you want to know more of what went down on Tru-Form Entertainement: Baptism Under Fire check out our results of the event.

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