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Vista, CA (5.23.15)

Erik Echiverri (Smash Squad MMA) vs Alberto Trujillo (Alliance MMA)

Round 1: Echiverri pushes the fight to start and avoids a take down attempt from Trujillo, which he is able to finally get. Trujillo is able to reverse position to get the top position where he was able to land some ground and pound on Echiverri. Trujillo sprawled at the end of the around avoiding the take down and get the top position and finished the round with ground and pound.
Round 1: Alberto Trujillo

Round 2: Trujillo comes in and scores an early take down. Gets into side control where Trujillo is able to land solid hammer fists. Echiverri gets himself in an awkward position that saw Trujillo sitting on his chest landing hard punches to the mid section.
Round 2: Alberto Trujillo

Round 3: Trujillo lands an over hand right and Echiverri attempts a take down that is blocked by Trujillo. But Echiverri catches Trujillo in a standing guillotine, but Trujillo is able to escapes. Turjillo grabs Echiverri’s back and gets in both hooks, he’s able to secure the Rear Naked Choke.

Winner: Alberto Trujillo (via Rear Naked Choke 3rd RD 1:40)

Alberto Romo (Gracie Humaita Hemet) vs Trevor Wells (Team Arena)

Round 1: Romo comes out as the aggressor throwing wildly and Wells just weathers the storm. Wells is able to push Romo back to the cage and lands a solid right. Romo lands a solid left jab to Wells. Wells comes back and lands a left hook. Both fighters clinch and Romo gets the position on the cage. Wells is able to reverse it and score a toss that puts Romo on the mat, Wells into side control to end the round.
Round 1: Trevor Wells

Round 2: Both fighters come out swinging this round and Wells lands a push kick to Romo’s stomach area. Romo lands a right cross. Wells hits a right left combo, but Romo comes back and connects with an uppercut. Romo gets the clinch and most the fight to the cage where he lands some knees inside the clinch. Well lands a left hook. Wells scores again with a late take down.
Round 2: Alberto Romo

Round 3: Both fighters again come out throwing but Romo scores a take down for a second before Wells is able to roll right through it and back to his feet. Wells is able to get the clinch and move the fight to the cage. Both fighters back to the center. Romo lands two right hands and a third staggers Wells up against the cage. Romo scores the take down, but Wells is able to get the top position.
Round 3: Alberto Romo

Winner: Alberto Romo (via Split Decision 29-28 Wells, 29-28 Romo, 30-27 Romo)
Ernie Necochea (Gracie Jiu Jitsu Hemet) vs Jordan McColl (Independent)

Round 1: Necochea comes out with heavy hands and throwing leg kicks. McColl engages into the clinch and moves the fight to the cage. McColl unloads right and left hand combo that Necochea is able to block most of the time. McColl scores the take down. McColl is working to pass the guard of Necochea.
Round 1: Jordan McColl

Round 2: Necochea comes out aggressive and lands two hard right hands, McColl takes them and is able to score a take down. McColl working to try to pass the guard of Necochea. McColl is able to finally get some hammer fists through the guard of Necochea. McColl still having the top position and working, while landing some hammer fists.
Round 2: Jordan McColl

Round 3: Necochea comes out leading with the right leg kick followed with a left hook, has started the same way each of the last 2 rounds. McColl is able to clinch and take Necochea to the near side of the cage and scores a big take down again into side control. McColl loses the side control and Necochea is able to his feet against the cage working the wizard to prevent nother take down from McColl. Ref separates the fighters and moves the back to the center of the cage. Necochea comes back aggressive trying to land a leg kick and a right left combo. However McColl again avoids the pressure and shoots for a take down attempt that is blocked by Necochea that sent him back to the cage.
Round 3: Jordan McColl

Winner: Jordan McColl (via Unanimous Decision 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 All Judges)
Dennis Fisher (Alliance MMA) vs Jose Rugama (Smash Squad MMA)

Round 1: Rugama scores the early take down and lands a left from the top position followed with a right. Fisher is able to get back to his feet, but Rugama gets Fisher back to the cage and scores another take down and lands a couple of rights from Fisher’s guard. Fisher locks in the triangle choke, but Rugama is avoiding the triangle.
Round 1: Jose Rugama

Round 2: Both fighters come out just throwing the entire kitchen sink at each other and Rugama scores the take down. Rugama moves into side control and pinned Fisher’s left arm as he throws with his right. Rugama lands a hard hammer fists and lefts a left to the body and then to the head. Rugama postures up and comes back with an aggressive ground and pound. Fisher gives up his back to Rugama who then just lands right hands to the side of the head and then hammer fists that were being partially blocked.
Round 2: Jose Rugama

Round 3: Rugama eats a kick to the body, but clinched Fisher and moves him to the cage. Rugama scores the take down and moves to side control. Fisher is able to reverse and move to Rugama’s back and locks in a deep RNC that Rugama is able to defend off; however Fisher still maintains the back and his both hooks in. Fisher just landing hammer fist after hammer fists at the end of the round.
Round 3: Dennis Fisher

Winner: Jose Rugama (via Unanimous Decision 29-28,29-28, 29-27)
Isaul (Junior) Magadan Hurtado (Alliance MMA) vs Mark Castillo (MULLET)

Round 1: Castillo comes out with a low right leg kick and Hurtado avoided it. Hurtado moves in for a take down and scores it, quickly gets into the top position full mount. Hurtado in full mount continues to land strong ground and pound. Hurtado finishes the round in full mount.
Round 1: Isaul Magadan Hurtado

Round 2: Hurtado comes out lands a right and shoots for the take down; scores with it. Hurtado quickly transitions from side control over to full mount. However Castillo is able to finally reverse only to be caught in a triangle choke attempt that see’s Hurtado to come back reverse to the top position and lands ground & pound. Hurtado grabs Castillo’s arm and is able to lock in an arm bar. Ref stops the fight.

Winner: Isaul Magadan Hurtado (via Arm Bar 2nd RD)
Angel Ramirez (Alliance MMA East) vs Ricardo Lopez (10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oceanside)

Round 1: Ramirez lands a hard body slam into side control. Both fighters back to their feet and both connect with a flurry exchange. Ramirez gets Lopez to the cage and scores another heavy take down into side control. Ramirez landing right hands to the body.
Round 1: Angel Ramirez

Round 2: Ramirez lands a left hook and then a knee to Lopez’s face. Lopez lands a left of his own though. Ramirez scores another heavy take down into side control and then into full mount. Ramirez then moves to Lopez’s back there he secures a RNC rolls him towards the center of the cage, only to move back to top position and move to full mount for ground & pound.
Round 2: Angel Ramirez

Round 3: Ramirez starts the round off with a superman punch attempt and both fighters exchange. Ramirez once again scores the take down and moves into full mount. Ramirez continues his dominance in this fight as he’s continues the ground & pound.


Winner: Angel Ramirez (via ref stoppage due to strikes 3rd RD 1:07)