Archangel MMA World Wide


Vista, CA (7/18/15)

Alberto Trujillo (Team: Alliance) vs Brandon Escobar (Team: Team No Tomorrow)

Round 1: Trujillo comes out and hits a solid leg kick to the left knee of Escobar. Escobar scores a early take down. Trujillo is able to get Escobar into full guard, Escobar was able to pick up Trujillo and power bomb out of the guard. Both fighters are back to there fight. Trujillo lands a hard right that staggers Escobar back to the cage. Escobar attempts a single leg take down, but Trujillo is able to avoid the take down and land some punches to Escobar.

Round 1: Alberto Trujillo

Round 2: Escobar comes out and attempts a front kick. Trujillo again is able to sprawl and prevent another take down attempt and he lands a over hand right square to the body that drops him to one knee. Escobar with another attempt at a take down, but Trujillo was able to stop the take down again. Trujillo was able to reverse the take down attempt into full mount, but Escobar rolls over gives up his back to Trujillo who gets the hooks in and flattens him out. Trujillo working for the rear nacked choke, Escobar is doing a good job defending it. Trujillo continues to fight for the choke and scores it.

Winner: Albert Trujillo (2nd rd 2:42 via submission Rear Naked Choke)


Alfredo Torres (Team: SmashSquad MMA) vs Julius White (Team: Independent)

Round 1: Torres scores a big time take down on White and quickly moves into side control. Torres is working to get free and land some short elbows in the clinch, now is able to land some hammer fists and is able to get the back of White. White tries to power out of it by running Torres backwards into the cage, but Torres hangs on to the rear naked choke and is able to secure it.

Winner: Alfredo Torres (1st rd via submission Rear Naked Choke)


Johnny Foster (Team: Adrenaline MMA) vs Felix Funes (Team: Independent)

Round 1: Foster lands a strong push kick that sends Funes to the cage. Funes comes back at Foster who is able to score a take down and reigns down some ground and pound. Foster is stands up and lands some hard punches down to Funes. Funes is able to get back up to his feet and Foster is able to secure the clinch against the cage and lands a couple hard shots. Foster secures the round with another heavy take down slam and more ground and pound.

Round 1: Johnny Foster

Round 2: Funes comes out and lands right that staggers Foster, who then shoots in for a take down and again is able to get it. Funes is able to cage walk back to his feet and Foster again with another big slam to the mat, but Funes has a guillotine choke in, however Foster is able to slip out and get into full mount. Much like the first round it was all Foster.

Round 2: Johnny Foster

Round 3: Foster just missed a over hand right. Foster is able to block a kick, to which he catches and is able to pick up Funes and slam him back down to the mat. Foster is able to get into full mount and is working in the guard throwing shoulder shrugs. Foster again postures up and landing punches inside the guard. Funes is able to roll away from it and gives up his back to Foster, who lands hard shots from the side position as Funes is up against the cage. Foster thought about another slam towards the end but backed away.

Round 3: Johnny Foster

Winner: Johnny Foster (30-25, 30-25, 30-27 all for Johnny Foster via Unanimous Decision)


Cody Halleman (Team: White Tiger) vs Joey Bryant – Sowka (Team: SwiftKick MMA)

Round 1: Sowka comes out landing a hard leg kick to Halleman, however Halleman is able to move Sowka to the cage into the clinch and is able to land hard body shots. Halleman doesn’t like the hard leg kicks from Sowka. However Halleman pushes back and lands a nice combination. Halleman scores a take down on Sowka, who is working for the guillotine early. Halleman slips out of guillotine attempt. Halleman is working from the top as he lands punches to the ribs.

Round 1: Cody Halleman

Round 2: Halleman with a nice right hand, however Sowka comes back with 3 solid kicks to Halleman. Sowka scores a take down this round. Sowka with a hard body kick that is absorbed by Halleman who grabs the leg and scores a take down. Halleman hitting Sowka in the ribs with hard right hand hammer fists. Halleman finishes the round in top control position .

Round 2: Cody Halleman

Round 3: Sowka attempts another take down attempt, that is stopped by Halleman and is able to clinch Sowka. Both fighters go to the cage in the clinch and Sowka grabs for a choke and Halleman slams him to the ground as he’s doing so Sowka is able to secure the rear naked choke.

Winner: Joey Bryant – Sowka (3rd rd 1:05 via submission Rear Naked Choke)


Trevor Wells (Team: Team Quest) vs Lonnie Huey (Team: U.S.K.O. / Wushin M.A.)

Round 1: Wells comes out with a over hand right and shoots in for the take down, he’s able to score the take down with a arm drag. Huey is able to get back up to his feet, however Wells is able to again get the take down. Huey is doing a good job with defending over his back using his guard, Wells is able to pass to side control. Huey is able to pull Wells back into his guard. Huey trying to secure the triangle choke, however Wells tried to power out and rolled Wells over to which he extended the arm. That ‘s that.

Winner: Lonnie Huey ( 1st rd 2:47 via submission arm bar)


Dennis Fisher (Team: Alliance MMA) vs Ryan Fillingame (Team: California Kingdom) For 145 Featherweight title

Round 1: Fisher comes out lands a great body kick , Fillingame is able to score the take down on Fisher. Fillingame is able to pass the guard, Fisher gets back to hs feet and they reset. Fillingame lands a hard leg kick and Fisher scores a spinning back kick. Fisher lands a solid left upper cut. Fillingame scores a take down, however Fisher is able to scramble away back to his feet and both fighters reset in the center. Fisher lands a solid leg kick followed with a left.

Round 1: Dennis Fisher

Round 2: Fillingame lands a solid body kick. Fisher comes back with another kick of his own, as his kicks just have a different sound coming off of them than Fillingame. Fillingame is able to once again get the take down and is landing punches to Fisher’s ribs on the right side. Fisher gives up his back and Fillingame is able to grab it, Fisher is able to reverse to the top position. Fisher is working to pass the guard of Fillingame who is able to move into a guillotine and pulls back to secure.

Winner: Ryan Fillingame (2nd rd 2:34 via submission guillotine choke and new Featherweight Champ of Archangel MMA)