Al-Selwady laughs off Martínez’s callout

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Al-Selwady laughs off Martínez’s callout for Brave fight: ‘He’s trying to get attention’
Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady is arguably one of the biggest names in Middle East’s MMA scene. A Lightweight who boasts a 7-1 record, with 2-0 inside the Brave cage, the Jordanian is nearing a shot at the inaugural 70 kg. Brave title. However, former TUF Latin America competitor Alejandro “Pato” Martínez wants to test Al-Selwady’s skills and has been calling him out for a while.
After Pato’s Brave debut, when he finished the experienced Paulo “Bananada” Silva, the Mexican claimed Al-Selwady hadn’t fought a real Lightweight like him and would get a “reality check” if the two ever met inside the Brave cage. The Jordanian laughed off Martínez’s callout.
“It just made me laugh. Usually you want to call the best person out there, to get attention. And no one knows who he is, you know, and I’m the biggest star in the Middle East, so he’s trying to use my name to get attention. He’s trying to get in my head, he’s all about the thrash talk, and he’s not a real martial artist, he’s using the thrash talk to get himself some attention”, claimed Al-Selwady.
The Lightweight, however, is encouraged by the thrash talk directed at him. From his point of view, the provocations are a sign that he’s doing the right thing, and on the right path towards a championship fight.
“He knows I’m the best Brave Lightweight. And it just gives me confidence when I get called out. That means I’m on the right path, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I couldn’t care less about Pato and his thrash talk. I’m very used to this. I’ve beaten everyone who has tried that on me. This is part of the game, I’m a professional fighter, a professional athlete and it doesn’t get in my head. It’s all business”, said the Jordanian.

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