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Archangel Worldwide MMA: Law of the fists 2!


December 16,2017 at Arlington high school in Riverside, ca was the setting for the 13-fight card headlined with a title fight that would see Cory Hall step up in weight to take on Angel Ramirez for the 185lb welterweight title. This was an interesting matchup because in the mind set of Cory Hall is that “You get ready, to stay ready” which words that were not left hollow on this evening as these two were prepared for war but on this night it was Cory Hall who got the victory and got an early Christmas present of the archangel worldwide mma title by catching Angel Ramirez with a right uppercut that stunned angel to the point that he was out on his feet then woke up with another shot that pushed him back to the catch. 4 more shots against the cage resulted in the ref ending this fight early.

Heather Hyatt who is the match maker for Archangel once against does a great job at matching up fighters when it comes to stylistic match ups to make it an entertaining night. Also she brought in 7 first time fighters all making their debut on the card sometimes you never know what you are going to get out of first time fighters but, these guys all came out guns blazing leaving everything inside the cage winning or losing prime example of that was NINE NINE Joe Mora’s own Joey Beatriz who was making his debut took a hard shot from Manny Sekiyoba which woke up joey letting him know that he was in a fight and from that moment on it was all Joey controlling the fight, ending it with some ground n pound .

Everyone from the crowd, to the production team of JT Media did their best to make this a great night of fights once again at Archangel Worldwide MMA. 2018 is shaping up nicely for this company as they look to pivot into the local mma scene.

Results: Law of the fists 2!

Edward Romero vs Matt Fairbanks (Romero: 2nd RD, KO)

Chris Fluke vs Ali Jafri (Jafri: 1st RD, ARM BAR)

Brandon Page vs Juan Conde (Conde: 1st RD, RNC TAP)

Jarell Thomas vs Shon Slaughter (Thomas: 1st RD, .20 seconds, ARM BAR)

Jose Rios vs Phillip Lomeli (Split Decision win for Rios)

Danny Silva vs Garik Mitchell (Silva: 1st RD, TKO)

Angel Ramirez vs Cory Hall (#ANDNEW 185 champ CORY HALL, 2ND RD TKO)

Austin Dones vs Kristian Keys (Dones gets the W via Unanimous Decision)

Romeo Bacerra vs Robert Duran (Duran: 1st RD, RNC)

Toan Le vs Keedren Drausin (Toan Le: 1st RD, RNC)

Casey Smith vs Zach Wilson (Casey Smith, Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Joey Beatriz vs Manny Sekiyoba (Beatriz, 1st RD TKO)

Armando Marcial vs Andre Hudson (Marcial: Split Decision)


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