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By Tristen DuCross, January 10, 2016


We have seen many so called fight leagues rise and fall, Fighters Source is one proving to be a tough one with a vision unlike many. Up N Comers teamed up with Fighters Source for the US National Championship that would give Amateur fighters the opportunity to go over to Brazil representing TEAM USA.  Nothing like this has ever been done before, the purpose behind this is because they are getting ready for a push towards the Olympic Games.  Jason Wiener the man behind this is show showcasing fighters to the public since we have seen that Boxing has golden gloves, wrestling has their own so why not have Mixed Martial Arts now and so, many fighters would love to REP “TEAM USA” this unique concept could be something special.

Let’s also talk about the venue at Harrah’s Resort and Casino where they developed a new “Main Event” theater area, We have covered a lot of amateur mma events in SoCal but hands down this had a legit feel to it with two big jumbo screens, seating area where everyone wasn’t on top of each other, bleacher seats that actually were not steal benches to sit on. The atmosphere was great everyone in the arena were talking and hanging out even if you didn’t know them people were inquiring about fighters etc. You can’t get that from any other event so far. I would recommend this area for any one that can put on a fight card this is a MUST HAVE VENUE.

Now, on to the fights. As my brother and I sat at our media table talking with Jason Weiner, Jonathan King and a few other throughout the night it was clear that these fights were going to be something that if you missed it and didn’t show up to the Fighters Source Finals you were not a true combat sports fan and simply stuck in limbo because UpC:Unlimited:Fighters Source put on single handling some of the best fights that even would out do Bellator MMA, UFC, WSOF yes out due PRO! Everyone in attendance were hyped for the event from the moment the first fighter walked out, this card was a mixture of family, friends and fight fans. Typically at amateur events all you get is family supporters so the audience typically is one sided affair but, not tonight. The fighters knew what was on the line and when they came out from the entrance that was bigger than a Bellator one at Pechanga Resort and casino. When you get a production crew for CBS Sports Network, fighters want to prove on a national level just how good they truly are. Some fighters that everyone is going remember or should remember are Patchy Mix, Amanda Jones and Ahmed White (who we referred to as a Rottweiler)

Ahmed White came into this fight as a virtually unknown fighter. However we were told this was a guy to watch out for even though he was facing a guy that was higher ranked, more fights had the reach advantage you would think on paper Ahmed White was out matched. On this night you threw out everything because of what simply was on the line! A chance to join TEAM USA .  Ahmed White took Nick Lancaster down, didn’t lay off the gas got the W in the first around with a triangle choke.  Another fighter named Amanda Jones at 125 is probably the scariest woman fighter I have seen in the amateur ranks when you have the combination of speed and power, Amanda could also drop to 115 and tear up the straw weight division.

Patchy Mix (Patrick Mix) #1 in the state took on another #1 overall guy named Bobby Ledkins from Alabama this fight has patchy mix reminded me a bit of Mr. Wonderful Phil Davis.

Overall this event was Pro Level, Team USA is stacked!!! Be on the lookout for Up N Comers: Unlimited will be back in So Cal and with better promoting, word of mouth this is the future of Amateur MMA.

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